RF Shielding Curtains-Separation and Isolation!

RF Shielding Curtain

RF Shielding Curtains-Separation and Isolation!

RF Shielding Curtains-Separation and Isolation!  RF Shielding Curtains are relocatable shields designed for isolating or separating areas from RF waves.  Curtains can be made to the customer’s specification of size, Shielding Effectiveness, and suspension method.  The conductive metalized textiles and number of layers used in their manufacture determine the RF shielding properties of the curtain.  RF Shielding Curtains can even be made to withstand weather, UV, and rough treatment with a “ruggedized finish”!

RF Isolation is important in many areas and situations!   Warehouses often use RFID for inventory updates.  It is necessary to be able to separate the various sections of the warehouse for accuracy in the inventory process.  The same situation exists in medical facilities where telemetry is used to monitor patients vital signs.  RF Signals from the sensing devices to recording devices must be separated from the RF signals of the nearby patients.  RF Shielding Curtains to surround the patients keep the “information crosstalk” from happening, assuring that the information transferred is directed to the correct patient record.  Similarly, electronic repairs on large vehicles, aircrafts, or ships can be done outdoors while sensitive repairs are being evaluated and accomplished without background interference!

RF Shielding Curtains-Separation and Isolation!  RF Shielding curtains can be used in separating and isolating areas in an RF Shielded enclosure.  The RF Shielded curtain creating multiple work areas in the same enclosure.  Likewise, shielded curtains can be used to isolate a server room or an “on the road communication center”, protecting conversations from “electronic eavesdropping” or data theft, which is very important to businesses.  The RF Isolated room is particularly interesting to the electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) community, as it creates rooms relatively free of RF radiation in the home.

RF Shielded Curtains-Separation and Isolation!  If you find the idea of an RF Shielded Curtain potentially useful to you or your business, please contact us.  We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!

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RF Shielding Curtains-Separation and Isolation!               RF Shielded Curtains-Separation and Isolation!              RF Shielding Curtains-Separation and Isolation!

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