Resistance Heating Warms us!

Industrial Metalized Textile Applications!

Resistance Heating Warms us!

Resistance Heating Warms us!  Winter is here, and resistance heating keeps us warm outside!  People stay warm by wearing smart clothes that react to cold.  Hunters, ice fisherman, snowmobilers and skiers can stay warm!  Socks, gloves, coats, and vests can respond to ease the cold!  The secret to keeping warm in lies in conductive textiles.  Electric current is passed through the conductive material.  The conductive textile converts electrical energy to heat energy!  Our car seats, mirrors, steering wheels, and rear windows are warmed in this way.  The energy is provided by the car’s electrical system.  The electrical system is constantly being recharged by the alternator.  The method of conversion has become more efficient over time.  Rechargeable batteries are used to provide the energy that is converted to heat!  This is much more sustainable than the chemical warming packs that proceeded this technology. Those packs are single use items, based on exothermic reactions.

Resistance Heating Warms us!  Resistance heat is also used in many therapeutic treatments.  These are garments and wraps that provide heat, relaxing and soothing sore muscles.  These wraps and garments can have resistance heating circuits sewn into them.  This allows the application of heat to very specific locations.  The sewing or embroidering is done using highly conductive embroidery threads.  These threads are usually plated with a conductive metal that is connected to a power source.  The warming temperature is controlled by a thermostat.  Metalized textiles are extremely conductive.  Engineers love them for their light weight and flexibility, which makes them excellent for use in clothing and automobiles.  V Technical Textiles, Inc. primarily uses Silver in its metalized textiles.  Silver is the most conductive of the elements, making it the logical choice for resistance heating.  Copper and gold are also highly conductive as well, but gold is rarely used due to its cost.

If resistance heating interests you, V Technical Textiles, Inc. has the world’s largest inventory of metalized textiles and notions for use in your product.  Contact us for help in choosing the right conductive textile for your product!

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