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The Shieldex® line of metalized textile products includes a line of conductive fasteners. This line of conductive fasteners provides unique ability to keep conductivity while providing opening/closing options for numerous product applications. Available conductive fasteners include:

  • Conductive Hook & Loop (Velcro®): available in 16mm, 30mm, & 50mm sizes
  • Conductive Zipper: available in 6mm size (sliders also available)
  • Conductive Tapes: many sizes and styles available, please contact us for options
  • Conductive Braided Tubing: available in 6/8 and 14/16 sizes
  • Conductive Tapes can be fabricated from many of our conductive metalized fabrics.  Call us for more information!

Shieldex® conductive fasteners are perfect for EMI shielded bags & pouches, tents, door closure systems, garments, curtains and covers.  Please contact us to learn more about conductive fasteners and applications.



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Part Number Metals  

Surface Resistance



Average Shielding Effectiveness:


# 6 Zipper 11050010001 Ag < 50 Ohms/cm Average 60 dB
16 mm Hook 11000011625 Ag < 1.3 Ohms/□ inch
16 mm Loop 11000011626 Ag < 1.3 Ohms/□ inch
30 mm Hook 11000013026 Ag < 1.3 Ohms/□ inch
30 mm Loop 11000013025 Ag < 1.3 Ohms/□ inch
50 mm Hook 11000015026 Ag < 1.3 Ohms/□ inch
50 mm Loop 11000015025 Ag < 1.3 Ohms/□ inch
Braided Tube 6/8 6005044schla Ag Average 50dB (1000 MHz) (Coupling loss)
Braided Tube 14/16 6005041schla Ag Average 30dB (1000 MHz) (Coupling loss)
Shieldex® Kiel-SK-96 130043196 Cu < 0.02 Ohms/□ Average 79-98 dB .2GHz-14GHz

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