EMC Standards are Necessary

Standards are necessary for EMC!

Standards are necessary for EMC!  Electronic devices working in a shared electronic environment must be able to perform optimally in... read more
Computer/Digital Forensics

Computer/Digital Forensics-Analysis of Digital Evidence!

Computer/Digital Forensics-Analysis of Digital Evidence!  The terms Computer Forensics and Digital Forensics are often used interchangeably. Technically, computer forensics refers... read more

VTT is Growing-Join Us!

VTT is Growing-Join Us!  V technical Textiles, Inc. is a world leader in the highly technical Smart Textile Industry, located... read more
Shielding RF/EMI

Shielding RF/EMI allows Electronic Teamwork!

Shielding RF/EMI allows Electronic Teamwork!  Electronic components consist of several electronic devices working together toward a common result.  All electronic... read more
Electronic Vehicles Developmental Growing Pains

Electronic Vehicles- Developmental Growing Pains!

Electronic Vehicles-Developmental Growing Pains!  The benefits of Electronic Vehicles (EVs)are terrific, lower emissions lead the list of benefits.  Despite the... read more
2022 EMC + SIPI

Chris Cook is ready for IEEE EMC Symposium + SIPI in Spokane!

Chris Cook is ready for IEEE EMC Symposium + SIPI in Spokane!  Chris will meet with our Northwest sales representative,... read more

Shielding Challenges in Electronic Vehicles!

Shielding Challenges in Electric Vehicles!  Low-frequency magnetic fields are an issue in electronic vehicles.  Low-Frequency fields are related to human... read more
Autonomous Vehicle Testing-VTT's Role!

Autonomous Vehicle Testing-VTT’s Role!

Autonomous Vehicle Testing-VTT's Role!  VTT's prominent role in automotive EMC testing is well known.  Autonomous Vehicles are loaded with complex... read more