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Silver is the Best Thermal Conductive Element, Creating Comfort!

Silver is the best thermal conductive element, creating comfort!  Silver's thermal conductivity accounts for a great benefit provided by... read more
Monofil Braided Tube

What is Braided Tube, What is Braided Tube used for?

What is Monofil Braided Tube? Shieldex® Monofil Braided Tube is essentially a "sleeve" used to enclose data cables.  Data lines... read more
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What is a Solar Flare? How can it Effect our Electronic Lives?

What is a Solar Flare? A Solar Flare is the release of pent-up energy, also called a Coronal Mass Ejection... read more

Infrared Detection, the Good and the Bad, and How to Avoid it!

 What is Infrared Detection? Infrared Detection is using heat as a method of finding someone or something.  The the infrared... read more
Resistance Heating

What is Resistance Heating, What are its Applications?

What is Resistance Heating and What are its Applications? Resistance heating is heat generated by an electrical current passing through... read more

What are Sensors, and what do they do for us in Automobiles?

What is a Sensor? A sensor is a device that measures a physical property and records, indicates, or otherwise responds... read more

RF Shielded Garments Protect from RF in Comfort and Style!

RF Shielding Garments Protect! It is known in the engineering community that the presence of many electronic fields can affect... read more

Forensic Evidence Bags-Keeping Electronic Evidence Secure inside a Faraday Cage

We are all aware of the proliferation of electronic devices that we use in our daily lives,  in fact,... read more