Conductive Textiles in Healthcare-Versatile!

Conductive Textile uses-VTT Supports Research!

Conductive Textile uses-VTT Supports Research!  The uses of conductive textiles are increasing all the time!  Much of this research takes place in the Academic Environment.  VTT has the world's largest inventory of metalized textiles.  The list of innovative users for metalized textiles includes the medical, automotive, aerospace, and the military venues.  VTT reaches out to support colleges and societies that are "pushing the envelope" in developing new uses for all types of textiles.  In today's technical world new uses for...
Internships-Preparing the New Workforce

Internships-Preparing the New Workforce!

Internships-Preparing the New Workforce!  Most of us must take an "internship" during our training.  An "Internship" is time away from a learning environment for "real world" application training!   I had to complete several "internships" while I was in dental school for practical training.  I learned to apply things I'd been learning about in "real" day-to-day clinical situations".  Witnessing real application of dentistry was much different than I believed it would be.  Experienced clinicians were full of methods that I never...