EMC-Devices functioning in Harmony

Electromagnetic Compatibility-when Components get Along!

Electromagnetic Compatibility-when Components get Along!  Electromagnetic Compatibility is when components of a device get along.   In new devices, the components must work together in a shared electromagnetic environment.  If the devices aren't compatible, the device performance suffers.   A device should be like a team, many parts working toward one goal.  Successful teams are assembled of people who work toward a goal smoothly.  Each player executes his job without holding the team back.  Similarly, one teammate can adversely affect the function...
Conductive Textiles Sale

Conductive Textiles Inventory Reduction Sale, Stock up NOW!

Conductive Textiles Inventory Reduction Sale, Stock up NOW! As V Technical Textiles  prepares to restock metalized fabrics for the 2022 calendar year, we would like to sell as much of our current inventory as possible before the end of quarter 3, 2021.  ALL in stock conductive fabrics sold by V Technical Textiles by October 15, 2021 will receive an additional 5% discount off sale price.  The order must be shipped and invoiced on or before October 15th. To receive the discount...