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Conductive Thread

Conductive Thread is used as Wiring in E-Textile Projects-Try it and See!

Conductive thread is used as wiring in e-textile projects, try it and see!  There are several types of conductive threads available: Silver Coated Yarns/Threads- These are nylon sewing threads that have been plated with 99% pure silver.  It can be sewn by hand or used as both top and bobbin thread in sewing machines.  Please note that these conductive yarns are NOT FOR SOLDERED CONNECTIONS TO YOUR COMPONENT, as the nylon interior of the yarn/thread can not tolerate the...
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Silver is the Best Thermal Conductive Element, Creating Comfort!

Silver is the best thermal conductive element, creating comfort!  Silver's thermal conductivity accounts for a great benefit provided by fabrics that are made with silver containing yarns and fabrics.  This property is measured in Watts per meter per degree Kelvin, W/M°K.  The high thermal conductivity of Silver is due to its electron configuration!  Silver's electrons are are "loosely held" due to its low nuclear charge.  This allows them to move more easily, resulting in efficient energy transfer.  The energy...