Enhancing Security with Wearable Alarm Systems!

Sensible Sensors-Monitoring Vital Signs!

Enhancing Security with Wearable Alarm Systems!

Enhancing Security with Wearable Alarm Systems!  Wearable alarm systems are becoming more and more popular, playing roles in personal and professional security.  Many of these alarm systems rely heavily on conductive textiles, transforming ordinary clothing and accessories into dynamic tools that keep people and property safe.  Conductive textiles are the heart of wearable alarm systems, woven into garments specifically to fit the needs of the user.  They can also be worn as a necklace or wrist call device.  The conductivity of the textile allows them to transmit electrical signals.  Wearable alarm systems employ arrays of sensors, strategically placed, that detect many events.  These events include sudden movements, impacts, and changes in the wearer’s temperature or vital signs.  Upon detecting an event, the textile swiftly transmits electrical signals to a central processing unit for processing and evaluation.

Enhancing Security with Wearable Alarm Systems!  These amazing garments will benefit many people, including  Military and Police Officers, hospital and senior care facilities, correction institution inmates, and children. The garments are capable of communicating and analyzing vital signs, physical conditions, positional location, even allowing verbal communications to be established.  In the working environment, the sensors within the garment will detect the presence of toxic chemicals or conditions. It doesn’t stop there; the garment will follow up by automatically alerting personnel in the area to clear the area and alerting the hazmat team to definitively finish addressing the issue.

Enhancing Security with Wearable Alarm Systems!  In conclusion, wearable, wearable alarm systems are becoming capable of protecting and monitoring more user groups of various types.  They offer a discreet, comfortable and effective means of enhancing personal and professional security and monitoring that is very adaptable to the needs in many areas.

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