Supply Chain Slowdown? VTT can Help!

Supply Chain Slowdown

Supply Chain Slowdown? VTT can Help!

Supply Chain Slowdown? VTT can Help!  CNN Business reports that China is experiencing supply chain slowdown again.  This after global shipping had recently been recovering from the pandemic slowdown.  Shanghai is the world’s largest container shipping port.  New Covid lockdowns in China affected Shanghai, resulting in worldwide supply chain delays.  Though the lockdowns are beginning to ease, the delays caused by them are now expected to last into the summer.  These new delays, combined with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, have further stressed the world supply chain.  The shortage of goods caused by these delays increases the rate of inflation.  Inflation will be fueled by two factors-supply shortages of key parts due to supply chain issues and record high container freight delivery costs.  Foreign problems are echoing down the worldwide supply chain, causing the return of US supply chain problems.  Trucking delays from the ports to point of manufacture exacerbate supply issues.  Factories are now ready to produce, but do not have necessary supplies to manufacture their goods.

Supply Chain Slowdown? VTT can Help!  If you are in need of conductive textiles, V Technical Textiles, Inc. can help.  Our textiles include fabrics, fibers and yarns, and fasteners (Velcro, adhesives and tapes).  Conductive textiles are used in the aerospace, automotive, and medical markets.  Due to our special relationship with Shieldex in Germany, VTT can supply you with these textiles.  VTT has the world’s largest standing inventory of metalized textiles.  We can arrange shipment from V Technical Textiles, Inc. or Statex Produktions und Vertriebs in Bremen, Germany.  Our “worldwide reach” simplifies delivery, a very important issue in this current economy.  Please contact us to discuss which of our metalized textiles fits your needs best!  One of the two locations will be closer to your location than the other, making shipping and delivery quicker and easier.

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