RF Shielding Curtains-many uses!

The Versatile uses of RF Shielded Curtains!

RF Shielding Curtains-many uses!

RF Shielding Curtains-many uses!  RF Shielding Curtains made with Conductive Metalized Textiles, block the passage or RFI/EMI.  This characteristic makes them useful in many ways!  One of the major uses of RF Shielding Curtains is in warehouses, where they make keeping accurate inventory records easy.  Areas of the warehouse can be “sectioned off” from other areas, eliminating “RF Crosstalk” between adjacent areas during scanning.    In a similar fashion, curtained separation of hospital telemetry areas enables wireless collection of vital signs and other medical data, protecting them from becoming garbled, insuring accurate medical records.

RF Shielding Curtains-many uses!  EMC Testing of Electronic devices often involves using RF Shielded Testing Enclosures.  When an RF Shielded Enclosure isn’t available, isolation of the Device Under Testing (DUT) takes the form of using RF Shielding Curtains to provide the proper environment for testing in situ.  This represents a creative use of RF Shielding Curtains to create the low ambient RF environment EMC testing requires.  RF Shielded Enclosures are also easy to convert to several RF Shielded “rooms” using Shielding Curtains as the “walls”.

RF Shielding Curtains-many uses!   These specialized Curtains can also protect private homes from RF radiation entering windows and door areas.  Take it a step further and RF Shielding Curtains can create a room secure from electronic eavesdropping by overlapping them throughout a room, stopping intrusion of RF radiation to the room and stopping emission of RF radiation from within the room.  By use of specialized coatings, RF Shielding Curtains become resistant to UV, corrosion, puncture, salt water, and weather.  The Military and Law Enforcement use them as mobile command centers during covert actions.  RF Shielding Curtains are great performers, how will you use them?

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RF Shielding Curtains-many uses!                RF Shielding Curtains-many uses!            RF Shielding Curtains-many uses!

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