RF Shielded Curtain or Enclosure?

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RF Shielded Curtain or Enclosure?

This may seem like a difficult question, in some cases the correct answer is BOTH!  One of the beautiful things about an RF Shielded Curtain is that it can multitask!  An RF Shielded curtain can isolate an area from RF radiation.  This comes in handy in repairing or testing an electronic device’s performance “in situ” when the “Device Under Testing” (DUT) won’t fit into a RF Shielded Enclosure or can’t get to one.

An RF Shielded Curtain is made out of the same conductive textiles that an RF Shielded Enclosure is.  The RF Curtain is flexible and can easily adapt to space constraints in tight confines and provides isolation of the DUT from ambient RF radiation.  Necessity is the mother of invention, and using an RF Shielded Curtain instead of an RF Shielded Enclosure works!

It doesn’t need to be one or the other, sometimes you can use an RF Curtain with an RF Shielded Enclosure!  RF Shielded Curtains can be useful in to dividing an RF Shielded Enclosure into two or more shielded rooms. This use is dependent on the task at hand and on the design of the RF Shielded Enclosure.  The design must incorporate conductive fasteners on the RF Shielded Curtain and the walls, ceilings, and floors of the Enclosure to make a good seal!

RF Shielded Curtains are capable of preventing “RF Crosstalk” between nearby medical devices in a hospital telemetry unit.   This ensures medical data is accurate and doesn’t mix, assuring the privacy that medical records require in today’s world.  The same concept applies to RFID inventory management in warehouses, where accurate counts are required.

Both solutions are great, choose your product according to your specific needs!

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RF Shielded Curtain or Enclosure?                         RF Shielded Curtain or Enclosure?                        RF Shielded Curtain or Enclosure?

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