RF Shielded Enclosures-Designed for You!

Security and Efficiency-RF Shielded Curtains!

RF Shielded Enclosures-Designed for You!

RF Shielded Enclosures-Designed for You!  Many companies come to VTT for RF Shielded Enclosures.  No surprises there as we are the world leader in fabrication of portable RF Shielded Enclosures.  Enclosure fabrication isn’t our only strength, our design group meets with our customers to determine their specific enclosure needs.  Only after discussing the various options of size, electromagnetic environment needed, and the various enclosure options available to make their enclosure match their needs do we proceed to design and build an RF Shielded enclosure matching requirements!

RF Shielded Enclosures-Designed for You!  Our enclosures are lightweight, portable, allowing disassembly and storage while they’re not in use, freeing valuable space in your facility.  The conductive textiles that make up the enclosure are available in a wide range of Shielding Effectiveness to provide the ideal low ambient RF environment required for Pre-Compliance EMC Testing.   Pre-Compliance EMC Testing during product development prepares your product for mandatory Final EMC Testing.

RF Shielded Enclosures-Designed for You!  RF Shielded Enclosures are excellent environments for Pre-Compliance EMC Testing!  Pre-Compliance EMC Testing is best done early in product development.  This allows for a smoother product development period.  Correcting compliance issues before they become problems is easier than back-tracking to locate a problem early in development.   The EMC tests most frequently performed in RF Shielded Enclosures are:

  • Emission Testing-determines if the Device Under Testing (DUT)is emitting RFI/EMI that is in excess of the allowable standards.
  • Susceptibility Testing-determines whether the DUT is susceptible to RFI/EMI that is within the allowable standards, resulting in poor performance.

Contact us if you need an RF Shielded Enclosure for use in electronic testing. We will assist you in designing one to fit your needs!

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RF Shielded Enclosurs-Designed for You!         RF Shielded Enclosures-Designed for You!       RF Shielded Enclosures-Designed for You!

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