Engineering and Product Development

Engineering and Product Development


Product Design

engineering-photo-300-wideProduct design is one of the cornerstones for V Technical Textiles Inc’s. growth starting with our engineering and product development team that will understand the customer needs and their requirements for the project. We use our many years of expertise in EMC, RF, electrical, chemical and mechanical engineering to design the most efficient solution for our customer.

Using products like Shieldex®, an industry leader in specialty thread and fabric, VTT has provided custom solutions that include flexible electronics like EtchTex®.

Custom designed equipment for structures that require EMI and RF shielding.

We have developed products used for wellness clothing, including specialized sensor leads and equine/animal care devices.

Because of our relationship with a factory that produces the conductive fabrics, yarns and threads, VTT is not just a convertor of another companies’ fabrics but a part of the process from beginning to end. This relationship allows VTT the ability to provide our valued customers the most cost effective solutions, along with practical designs that suit their precise needs when designing a product. The team at VTT, can design and create solutions for their customers that is not a one size fits all solution for their specific project.

Product Support

VTT understands that the end user of our fine products may need continuing support. That could include periodic maintenance or technical assistance. The After-Sales Support our customers receive assures both VTT and its customer the product is of the highest quality and build. With this system VTT has been able to work toward a continuous improvement of their products and the customer has knowledge that their product is fully supported.

EMI/EMC Mitigation

With the goal of correcting EMI/EMC mitigation for our customers to operate different equipment in a shared electromagnetic environment. VTT provides their customers answers drawn from many years of experience to resolve their issues. Using state of the art testing equipment, or our partnerships with independent test labs, VTT works to insure their valued customers receive the best possible working solution for their specific needs.

Product Development


What V Technical Textiles customers have found when they have used our services to create a prototype, is a talented team with superior equipment and the best attitude to get their idea developed.

Whether VTT has worked on a customer’s product design or not, our mission is to provide the customer with the best prototype for them to move forward with their program’s development.