Smart Textiles – Innovative Technology

Smart Textiles – Innovative Technology

VTT has become a major source in the field of smart textiles. Shieldex® conductive textiles are becoming the most widely used component in development of smart textiles. As a result, many wearable technology developers are finding the Shieldex® conductive fabrics and yarns provide excellent conductivity which is required to embed sensors especially used in medical and athletic smartwear development.  Silver is the most conductive metal, which makes it logical for use in Smart Textiles.  Embroidery of sensors and circuits eliminates wires, which are subject to stress fractures and are uncomfortable in garments.


Smart Textiles - Etchtex Flexible Circuit DesignV Technical Textiles, Inc. is pioneering new technology utilizing Shieldex® Sn/Cu/Ag conductive fabric (Zell) PN#1500101130 or PN#15002001130 to offer a game changing, value added, innovative new product named Etchtex. This ground breaking application of a proprietary process to our conductive textiles is expected to have an exponential effect within its associated industries.  Therefore this application has led to V Technical Textiles ability to offer both standard and custom designed solutions to the capacitance sensor, resistive heating, flexible circuit, smart textile, patch antenna, heated clothing, smart gloves, and wireless communications industries to name a few.

Utilizing a proprietary process, V Technical Textiles has worked closely with a third party to develop the ability to selectively remove sections of metal from the conductive fabrics.  This process becomes especially relevant to produce specific designs within the body of Sn/Cu/Ag conductive textiles. Therefore this ability allows for the production of both standard and custom designed sensors, resistive heaters, antennas, and other associated flexible lightweight solutions to these industries. While this type of technology is currently being performed on thin film devices, the innovation here is the ability to provide this technology on a textile. In conclusion, this innovation increases the durability and conductivity of the solution versus thin film technologies; and also increases flexibility of design.

For more information please see Etchtex Presentation


TPU Wire / Interconnect

Smart Textiles - TPU Smart WireFlexible conductive fabrics are taking the place of thin film technologies for sensing, heating, and flexible circuit applications. Advances in chemical etching technology are providing integrated components for these applications utilizing conductive fabrics. The physical nature of these new products present a challenge for durable mechanical connections to existing interface components. Existing mechanical methods utilizing wire, solder, snaps, or other mechanical connection methods do not lend themselves to reliability, flexibility, or durability.

V Technical Textiles has developed a solution to produce flexible, reliable, and durable interconnection components and methods. Utilizing our TPU wire constructed of silver plated yarns and a TPU overcoat; we have pioneered a solution to replace rigid wires and connections. Our TPU wire can be ultrasonically welded to our conductive fabrics, and traditional interface components; eliminating the use of rigid wires and mechanical interconnections.

For more information please see Interconnect – TPU Presentation

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