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VTT is a leading manufacture of RF & EMI shielding, Faraday Enclosures & Tents,  Reverberation Chambers, and Conductive Textile products.

Featured Products

RF Shielded EMC Enclosures

RF Shielded EMC Enclosures

Key Application in RF / EMC Testing:

  • Provide the Perfect Low Ambient RF environment for EMC Testing
  • Allow Pre-Compliance Testing in your own Location
  • Manufactured in the United States

Conductive Fabrics and Textiles

Conductive Fabric and Thread

Typical Applications:

  • RFI/EMI Shielding in Electronics, Homes, and Faraday Bags
  • Sensors and Electrodes in “Smart Clothing”

RF Shielded Enclosure

Enclosures & Curtains

RF shielded enclosures and curtains are designed to assist with EMI testing &  EMC testing. Based on Faraday Cage principles these portable enclosures are constructed with light weight conductive fabrics.

Large Cell Phone Pouch

Shielding Pouches & Bags

Quick to use, deployable cyber forensic pouches and Faraday bags that capture electronic devices to eliminate signals used for RFID and protection from EMP situations.

mens ladies sweatsuit

Personal Protection

Fashion and function are provided by today’s wearable technology.  Our RF shielding garments and clothing provide protection against E-smog and are used for wellness and wound care products.

Conductive Fabrics

The industry leader in providing the most diverse selection of conductive fabrics and conductive yarns for use in smart textiles, RF shielding, thermal management, and numerous other industry leading applications.  Additional conductive textiles include conductive tapes, Velcro, hook and loop fasteners, and zippers.

What's New at VTT

The V Technical Textiles, Inc. (VTT) brand of Rack Cover Portable RF Shielded Enclosure is a self contained portable enclosure designed for covering equipment racks.  Read More….

Camo Color PrintV Technical Textiles, Inc. and Statex have worked with a third party to develop the ability to print any color on our conductive fabrics without disrupting the conductivity or performance.  This printing process can be applied to many of our conductive woven fabrics, knits and tricot knits in any color and multifarious custom designs.

V Technical Textiles, Inc. has developed a solution to produce flexible, reliable, and durable interconnection components and methods. Utilizing our TPU wire constructed of silver plated yarns and a TPU overcoat; we have pioneered a solution to replace rigid wires and connections. Our TPU wire can be ultrasonically welded to our conductive fabrics, and traditional interface components; eliminating the use of rigid wires and mechanical interconnections. Read more…

Shieldex® Silver Jersey Modal conductive fabric for RF shielding, medical, and antimicrobial applications is now available in color black.

VTT will now produce Silverell® garments such as hoodies, t-shirts, pants, and hooded scarves in black color as well as the currently offered brown and natural colors. Read more about our silver garments.

VTT will also be selling the Shieldex® Silver Jersey Modal fabric in black: Read more…

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