RF & EMI Shielding Faraday Bags & Faraday Pouches

RF & EMI Shielding Faraday Bags & Faraday Pouches

V Technical Textiles, Inc. (VTT) brand of RF & EMI shielding pouches & bags are manufactured in the US. These pouches provide the user the ability to capture, transport, and secure the chain of custody of evidence for an electronic device when placed and sealed in the pouch.

Using Faraday Cage principles these Faraday pouches and bags are constructed with Shieldex® materials to block the RF signals from entering or exiting the pouch. VTT pouches have a shielding effectiveness of 95dB @ 2.5GHz.

RF & EMI Shielding – Faraday Evidence Bags & Faraday Evidence Pouches

RF / EMI Shielding Pouches & Bags - PouchIn the beginning, VTT’s Faraday pouches and bags were originally manufactured to be used by government facilities, law enforcement, and the military while in the field to block RF and secured electronic devices from the bad guys. We still proudly manufacture these highly specialized and quality pouches for these government organizations.

With the rise in cybercrime, many businesses and professional people found the need for their electronic information to be protected, and in many cases, this has become their number one priority. VTT took its military program knowledge and applied the same technology to defend our client’s electronic information. With military grade constructed pouches and bags that are now specifically designed for the public, VTT pouches protect our client’s information from the modern thief.

Faraday 3D Bags (Pouches)

RF / EMI Shielding Pouches & Bags - 3D PouchVTT’s, 3-dimensional pouch has been referred to as “the small test lab”. Designed to provide the customer with an open area for testing, many of our customers have used the pouch to run pre-compliance testing of their smaller devices.

Typically not as large as a table top enclosure, the 3D pouch offers a smaller area for the device but provides the user to have the option for power supply or a bulkhead with an I/O interface with the device.

Forensic Evidence Bags

RF / EMI Shielding Pouches & Bags - Forensic BagVTT’s forensic bags are used by many law enforcement agencies to capture, transport, and secure electronic devices to  keep the chain of custody of cyber evidence unbroken. In today’s cyber-criminal world it has become very important to collect data from these crime scenes. The VTT forensic bag provides a secure transport bag to carry the captured devices safely to the forensic labs where their data is analyzed. These forensic bags can include rugged waterproof outer covers, anti-tamper seals, and document pockets.

Innovation. Made In The USA.

VTT is a leading manufacture of RF & EMI shielding, Faraday Enclosures & Tents,  Reverberation Chambers, and Conductive Textile products.