Press Releases

Press Releases

Mentoring WEL (Wayne’s Emerging Leaders)

NEWARK, NEW YORK, November 17th V Technical Textile’s, Inc. hosted a meeting on November 15th to discuss Wayne County’s Emerging Leaders Program… more.

Shawn DeCook will Present at the EMC LIVE Wireless/IoT/5G Event on September 21, 2021!

NEWARK, NEW YORK, September 15 V TT’s General Manager, Shawn DeCook, will Present at the EMC LIVE Wireless/IoT/5G Event on … more.

VTT’s Steve Frierson will Present Virtually at EMC LIVE Automotive on June 8, 2021

NEWARK, NEW YORK, April 4 V Technical Textiles, Inc.’s Steve Frierson will present virtually at the EMC LIVE Automotive event… more.

Innovation Drives New Technology in the EMI Shielding Market

WOOSTER, OH/NEWARK, NEW YORK, March 2- Following the announcement of our partnership in December of 2020, leading textile companies, Seaman Corporation and V Technical Textiles, Inc. (VTT) are proud to launch an innovative… more.

Seaman Corporation and V Technical Textiles Partner on Product Innovation

Wooster, OH/ Newark, NY [December 2020]- Leading textile companies, Seaman Corporation and V Technical Textiles… more.

Sign up FREE NOW to see VTT’s Steve Frierson’s Presentation at EMC LIVE 11/10/2020

NEWARK, NEW YORK, October 14, 2020- Make sure that you sign up to see V Technical Textiles, Inc.’s Steve Frierson’s presentation on “Portable RF Shielding Enclosures for  Pre-Compliance EMI Testing Applications”.  These enclosures… more.

The E-Textiles Virtual Summit Amplified the Validity and Spectrum of this Technology!

NEWARK, NEW YORK, October 7, 2020- V Technical Textiles, Inc.’s Chris Cook attended the IPC E-Textiles Virtual Symposium last week and reports that his technology will continue to grow … more.

ETS-Lindgren and V Technical Textiles Partner to Expand RF Shielding Solutions for Customers

CEDAR PARK, TEXAS, October 1, 2020- ETS-Lindgren announced a formal partnership agreement with V Technical Textiles, Inc. to support the companies’ complementary product lines on special projects … more.

VTT’s Steve Frierson to Attend IEEE EMC + SIPI Virtual Symposium August 3-28, 2020

NEWARK, NEW YORK, July 29- V Technical Textiles, Inc., the world’s leader in RF and EMI Shielding Enclosure Fabrication is attending premier Symposium in our field this year despite COVID-19 not being under control.  While this meeting is usually a “road trip”……read more.

Shieldex Introduces Copper Tape, This Material Adds Texture and Protects Surfaces!

NEWARK, NEW YORK, July 22- Copper Tape has taken Europe by storm and we love it for its flexibility, lovely copper color, and for how it protects whatever surface its placed on……read more.

V Technical Textiles, Inc. Joins American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists

NEWARK, NEW YORK, July 16- V Technical Textiles, Inc. has become a Corporate Member of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists.  This group has been developing test……read more.

Assemblyman Brian Manktelow Visits V Technical Textiles, Inc. to Congratulate Jeff Nowak!

NEWARK, NEW YORK, July 14- V Technical Textiles, Inc., was visited by NYS Assemblyman Brian Manktelow, who congratulated our Lead Technician, Jeff Nowak on……read more.

VTT to Attend the IEEE EMC + SIPI Virtual Symposium in August

NEWARK, NEW YORK, July 9- V Technical Textiles, Inc., the world’s leader of RF Shielding and EMI Enclosure fabrication is proud to announce that their Lead Technician, Jeff Nowak, has been recognized will NOT allow COVID-19 to stop us from attending the premier……read more.

VTT Lead Technician Jeff Nowak Wins Fuzehub’s “Millennials in Manufacturing” Award!

NEWARK, NEW YORK, June 18- V Technical Textiles, Inc., the world’s leader of RF Shielding and EMI Enclosure fabrication is proud to announce that their Lead Technician, Jeff Nowak, has been recognized……Read More

VTT Donates Garments to Family Promise of Wayne County

NEWARK, NEW YORK, January 20- Homelessness Hurts Families, Family Promise of Wayne County Helps Heal the Hurt……Read More

VTT Moves Equipment and Operations to their New Location!

NEWARK, NEW YORK, December 3- V Technical Textiles, Inc. is “making the move” this week to their new headquarters……Read More

VTT Named 2019 Business of the Year by Newark Chamber of Commerce

NEWARK, NEW YORK, November14- V Technical Textiles, Inc. was named 2019 Business of the Year at the Annual Dinner of the Newark Chamber of Commerce……Read More

US Congressman John Katko Tours VTT’s New Headquarters

PALMYRA, NEW YORK, October 9- Wayne County, a Great Place to Work, Live, and Grow……Read More

VTT to Attend the Automotive Testing Symposium in Novi, Michigan 10/22-10/14/2019

PALMYRA, NEW YORK, October 3-V Technical Textiles, Inc. will travel to Novi Michigan to attend the 2019 Automotive Testing Symposium.  Be sure to stop by and visit us at Booth #14012…Read More

VTT Meets with NYS Assemblyman Brian Manktelow

PALMYRA, NEW YORK, October 2-V Technical Textiles, Inc. meets with NYS Assemblyman Brian Manktelow.  They viewed the improvements…Read More

What Will Our Clothes do Next?  VTT to Meet with Robert Erichsen to Discuss Smart Textiles.

PALMYRA, NEW YORK, August 28-V Technical Textiles to meet with Robert Erichsen, vice president of Statex Productions and Vertriebs GMBH to discuss “Smart Textiles”  …Read More

VTT Introduces an Innovative line of new Thermally Conductive Bags and Pouches

PALMYRA, NEW YORK, August 2, 2019 – VTT Introduces an Innovative line of new Thermally Conductive Bags and Pouches …Read More


PALMYRA, NEW YORK, June 21, 2019 – VTT Performed HIRF Testing on its Revolutionary Reverberation Chamber …Read More

VTT Sponsors IEEE 5G Wireless Workshop in Seattle

PALMYRA, NEW YORK, June 10, 2019 – VTT Sponsors the IEEE 5G Wireless Workshop in Seattle.  A full day of presentations and …Read More

VTT Plans to Expand its Operations in Newark

PALMYRA, NEW YORK, May 22, 2019 – VTT Plans expansion of business in Newark- Read More

VTT To present a Demonstration at the 2019 IEEE MC Symposium in NOLA

PALMYRA, NEW YORK, May 15, 2019 – VTT will participate in a demonstration in NOLA- Read More

VTT Develops Reverberation Chamber

PALMYRA, NEW YORK, May 2, 2019 – VTT Introduces a revolutionary new Reverberation Chamber- Read More

VTT Partners with MOS Equipment to Market Mission Darkness Line

PALMYRA, NEW YORK, April 15, 2019 – MOS and VTT; Working Together to Keep Sensitive Information Secure Read More

VTT Receives Grant from Greater Rochester Enterprise

PALMYRA, NEW YORK, December 7, 2018 – V Technical Textiles has been awarded a grant from the Greater Rochester Enterprise’s Economic Gardening Program. Read more…

VTT partners with STI Fabrics Inc.

PALMYRA, NEW YORK, April 21, 2018 – WELL ITS HERE! STI Fabrics has awarded V Technical Textiles the exclusive sales and distribution contract in the Americas for their products coming from their Earth City factory in MO., USA. So, if your requirements for a domestic source of high quality polyester Copper/Nickel fabrics are necessary, then VTT can help you fulfill your specifications. Read More….

New EtchTex Product

PALMYRA, NEW YORK, November, 2014 – V Technical Textiles, Inc. is pioneering new technology utilizing our Tin/copper/Silver conductive fabric (Zell) PN#1500101130 or PN#15002001130 to offer a game changing, value added, innovative new product named Etchtex. This ground breaking application of a proprietary process to our conductive textiles is expected to have an exponential effect within its associated industries, and has led to V Technical Textiles ability to offer both standard and custom designed solutions to the capacitance sensor, resistive heating, flexible circuit, smart textile, patch antenna, heated clothing, smart gloves, and wireless communications industries to name a few. This process can be applied to any of our conductive woven fabrics. Read more…

Eastman Cutting System

PALMYRA, NEW YORK, September, 2014 – V Technical Textiles Inc. in its efforts to constantly improve the capabilities and quality of its fabricated products has added a precision automated, computerized cutting system. This Eastman’s static table system is capable of cutting, marking, drilling and punching virtually any of our Shieldex®, Silverell® and other flexible textile material at speeds of up to 60 inches per second (152.4 cm/sec.). This static cutting table has proven itself as the go-to resource for materials like cotton, nylon and vinyl as well as difficult-to-cut materials—such as Nomax, Kevlar, and fiberglass-polyester blends. Read more…

NASA Portable Enclosure

PALMYRA, NEW YORK, October 10, 2008 – The first U.S. based clean room acceptable EMI/RFI portable shielded enclosure has been completed and deployed in a class 1000 clean room at NASA’s Jet Proposition Laboratory in Pasadena, CA, where it is now in service to test and run diagnostics on the Mars Science Laboratory rover and other spacecraft . This new EMI test chamber is 9,375 cubic feet in size with an inside dimension of 25’ x 25’x 16’ high, designed to give performance of 85db from 30 MHz to1 GHz average. Read more…