Need RF Shielded Enclosures?-Call VTT!

RF Shielded Enclosure's Role in Technology!

Need RF Shielded Enclosures?-Call VTT!

Need RF Shielded Enclosures?-Call VTT!  V Technical Textiles, Inc. has been fabricating RF Shielded Enclosures using conductive metalized textiles since 2006.  We are a fully functioning cut and sew, and design facility, capable of fulfilling our customer’s needs.  Our highly skilled fabrication team produces excellent products for our customers in the electronics industry.  VTT also has access to the largest inventory of Conductive metalized textiles in the world through our relationship with Shieldex, our European partner.  This relationship provides us uninterrupted access to the specific conductive textiles we need in fabricating our line of specialized products.

Need RF Shielded Enclosures?-Call VTT!  Our customers often call us when they need a large number of RF Shielded Enclosures and need them quickly.  Our knowledgeable design team meets with the customer, discovering their needs in order to create the product that will meet their needs.  From that point forward, the VTT Team is hard at work for our customer, focusing on fabricating the enclosures that they require.  When the enclosures are complete, they are tested to assure that they live up to the performance standards our customers expect.  The enclosures, along with their assembly and care manuals are then ready for final delivery to the customer.

Need RF Shielded Enclosures?-Call VTT!   Our commitment to customer satisfaction doesn’t stop at delivery!  We are readily available after the sale to respond to our customer’s questions and concerns.  Our RF Shielded Enclosures also have the ability to grow with our customer’s changing needs. We can apply modifications in many cases to meet the changes that they need.  VTT stands ready to consult with you if you have an interest or questions  regarding to our lightweight and flexible RF Shielded Enclosures!

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Need RF Shielded Enclosures? Call VTT!          RF Shielded Enclosures-Perfect Testing Environments!        Need RF Shielded Enclosures? Call VTT!

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