Conductive Textiles are used Everywhere!

Conductive Textiles are used Everywhere!

Conductive Textiles are used Everywhere!

Conductive Textiles are used Everywhere!  The medical field has many uses for conductive textiles.  Conductive metalized textiles act as sensors, measuring vital functions such as brain waves, and temperature.  Hospital beds become smart, sensing a patient leaving the bed.   Pressure sensing buttons summon nurses to the patient’s room when necessary.  These even detect wetness of the bedding!  Metalized textiles are useful in physical therapy as electrodes applying current to stimulate muscles or nerves as part of the patient’s healing and recovery.  Finally, these textiles are great for homebound patients, providing off site monitoring of the patient’s condition by telemetry.

Conductive Textiles are used Everywhere!  The workplace is safer when there are sensors determine the presence of hazardous materials and sound the alarm.  Lighted safety clothing for road crews, police, EMTs, and firemen increases their visibility when they work in poorly lighted environments.  Police and military hide their body heat signatures by wearing specialized suits made of conductive textiles when they’re performing covert activities.  Conductive fabric creates a “personal ground” for protection of workers and sensitive electronic devices, protecting them both from electrostatic discharge.  Incarceration systems and nursing homes often use systems involving these unique textiles to monitor the location and safety of their charges.

Conductive Textiles are used Everywhere!  One of the greatest benefits of these textiles is that they block the passage of RF radiation.  All electronic devices emit RF radiation and some of the frequencies produced will affect the function of nearby electronic devices adversely.  “Shielding” the vulnerable electronic device with textiles stops the offending RF interference from decreasing its performance.  Conductive fabrics are lightweight and flexible, making them excellent Shielding Solutions!  Engineers love using these great shielding performers in tight quarters!

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Conductive Textiles are used Everywhere!                 Conductive Textiles are Everywhere!               Conductive Textiles are used Everywhere

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