RF Shielded Clothing-Comfort and Protection!

The Benefits of RF Shielded Garments!

RF Shielded Clothing-Comfort and Protection!

RF Shielded Clothing-Comfort and Protection!  RF Shielded clothing protects us from radio frequency radiation.  The electronic devices of today emit and receive radio frequency signals.  Obviously, the number of devices in today’s connected world is growing daily, filling the air around us with RF waves.  While no true connection has been established between Radio Frequency (RF) waves and health issues, many people are concerned about them.  People have electrochemical processes that keep the body functioning normally.  Electrical devices require RF Shielding to lessen RF interference in their operation.  It is logical to assume that RF Shielding for people would aid in making the human electronic processes work better.

RF Shielded Clothing-Comfort and Protection!  RF Shielded clothing works the same as electronic device shielding.  In device shielding,  Conductive metalized textiles are wrapped around the vulnerable areas of the device, block the passage of RF radiation.  The metal used in conductive metalized textiles is often silver.  RF shielded clothing is made from cloth knitted from silver plated threads and yarns.  These garments have been tested to provide an RF Shielding Effectiveness of 35-40dB from 900MHz to 5GHz, providing a 99.99% reduction in RF exposure to the wearer.  In ALL shielding applications, coverage is the important factor, protection is limited to the covered areas of the body.

RF Shielded Clothing-Comfort and Protection!  Additionally, electrically conductive clothing stimulates blood circulation, providing energy when you are tired while providing comfort.  Clothing containing silver, the most thermally conductive metal, eliminates hot spots and cold spots, balancing the body temperature.   Other benefits of silver containing fabrics are healing of minor cuts, scrapes, and burns as well as reduced swelling and itching caused by these irritations.  V Technical Textiles, Inc. has a line of clothing that provides excellent RF shielding, comfort, and style.  Please visit our shopping site to make your choices!

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RF Shielded Clothing Comfort and Protection!     RF Shielded Clothing-Comfort and Protection!                                                 RF Shielded Clothing     RF Shielded Clothing-Comfort and Protection!

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