Protect Digital Data-use a Pouch!

Faraday Pouches-Safeguarding your Data in a Wireless World!

Protect Digital Data-use a Pouch!

Protect Digital Data-use a Pouch!  Many of us have our private digital data with us at any given moment on a portable wireless device.  That device can be a cell phone, a PDA, a tablet, or a laptop computer.  We take it for granted that the private data is safe in the device.  The truth is that there are people out there who’s mission in life is to steal that data for nefarious purposes.  They could be stealing your identity (social security, date of birth), financial information, and passwords financial institutions.  You may well ask yourself how they can get that information when you have possession of the device.

Protect Digital Data-use a Pouch!  The answer is that they can steal your information without being in possession of the device.  They will steal it by accessing your information wirelessly or by “hacking” the device.  You access the information that way all of the time while using your device!  All they have to do is break into the device wirelessly and copy the information to their device.  You won’t even know it happened until you start getting notifications from your financial institutions alerting you to “atypical” use of your accounts.  Too late!!

Protect Digital Data-use a Pouch!  Placing your device in an RF Shielded Pouch made of conductive metalized textiles prevents wireless access to your device using the “Faraday Cage Principle” which states that the fields within a conductor cancel out with any external fields so that the field within the conductor is zero.  This means that once your device is sealed in the RF Shielded Pouch, it cannot be accessed by any wireless device!  They come in a variety of sizes to fit devices!

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Protect Digital Information-use a Pouch!                  Protect Digital Data-use a Pouch!               Protect Digital Information-use a Pouch!

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