Have a Product Idea-We’ll help!

Have a Product Idea-We'll help!

Have a Product Idea-We’ll help!

Have a Product Idea-We’ll help!  Our metalized conductive textiles are useful in many ways!  We have the world’s largest standing inventory of conductive textiles.  If you have a new idea on how to use them, our Research and Development team will help turn your idea into reality!  Our team can help you find the ideal textile for your project.  The help doesn’t stop there, we will assist you in producing a prototype of your project.  V Technical Textiles, Inc. is a full cut and sew facility able to bring your metalized textile dream to reality.  We don’t just do this for individuals, we work with a number of major electronic companies on a regular basis.

Have a Product Idea-We’ll help!  Our products are in use in the medical sector, and the automotive and aerospace industry, just to name a few.  Once they experience the quality of our products, they often come back with more ideas for using metalized textiles.  In today’s RF/EMI rich environments, there are many different possibilities for employing metalized textiles.  Our RF Shielded pouches and bags are constantly in use by law enforcement and military agencies, creating Faraday Cages and protecting wireless access and tampering with sensitive information on the devices carried inside them.

Have a Product Idea-We’ll help!  Our wearable conductive fabrics are terrific for “Wellness Clothing”. Due to the thermal conductivity of Silver, clothing containing silver eliminates “hot spots and cold spots” on the wearer’s body by evenly distributing body heat through the garment.  An added benefit of this clothing is shielding the wearer from RF Radiation, reducing the exposure of covered areas by 35-40 dB from 900 MHz-5GHZ, showing a 99.99% reduction to the wearer.

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Have a Product Idea-We'll Help!                  Have a Product Idea-We'll Help!                  Technical Embroidery-Flexible Conductive"Wires"!

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