Minimizing UV and RF Radiation Exposure, A Great Idea for Either End of the EMR Spectrum

Minimizing UV and RF Radiation Exposure, A Great Idea for Either End of the EMR Spectrum

UV Radiation

When I was a child fifty-five years ago, my mother often encouraged us to go outside and “get a nice healthy suntan”.  As time went on, we took it a step further and used tanning beds, as they provided the necessary UVA and UVB to get the tan.  Along the way, we also learned that there is an element of truth about being exposed to the sun being healthy for us.  Limited exposure to the sun gives the positive effects of producing Vitamin D, which helps us to absorb calcium, keeping our bones strong.  It may also lower the blood pressure, lessening the possibility of strokes and heart attacks.  Other positive benefits include curbing the appetite, lowering the chance of obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and possibly even some autoimmune diseases.

The devil is in the details….as you’ve heard many times before, “too much of a good thing” can be bad for you!  The EMR spectrum has a high energy end including gamma rays, x-rays, and UV radiation, some of it naturally emitted, some emitted by man-made sources.  Today, there is no doubt that UVB radiation is bad for the skin and is a KNOWN CARCINOGEN.  For instance, sun protection is always recommended for the face and hands, which are exposed to the sun and extremely susceptible to developing solar related cancer.  To calculate the right dose of UV for you, Divide 60(Minutes) by the Daily UV index in your area. Your UV Index  is available at the Environmental Protective Agency website and using the search bar for UV index and you can find out what the UV index in your area will be today by entering your ZIP Code.  The division mentioned earlier will give you the number of minutes you can be exposed to sun in your area to reach ONE SED (Standard Erythemal Dose) of sun.  Use the chart of skin type and allowed SED per Day to determine how long it will take you to begin to burn in your area.  I’m Fair Skinned and the UV index in Wayne County, NY today is 6.  60 minutes/6=10 minutes/SED.  With my fair skin, I’m allowed 2-3 SED/Day, which means that I can be exposed to the sun for 20-30 minutes in Wayne County today before I burn.  That total is for the WHOLE DAY, so you can see how limited my exposure to the sun is before I start to burn/damage my skin and need to use sun screen and shade to protect me from  any more exposure that day in order to protect and prevent damage to my skin from the sun.

Skin Type                             SED Needed for Skin to Burn

  • Very Fair                             1-2
  • Fair                                      2-3
  • Olive                                    4-5
  • Moderate Brown               5-6
  • Dark Brown or Black        7-8

RF Radiation

As mentioned earlier, the EMR spectrum has a high energy end and a low energy end.  RF (Radio Frequency) radiation is the low energy end.  This radiation is both naturally generated and also generated by man made methods, just like the high energy end of the spectrum.   The number of man made RF emitters is ever increasing due to the number of electronic devices such as cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, computers, and microprocessors that we use in our day-to-day lives that  produce RF energy.

The negative effects of RF are different than those mentioned above for UV, which is ionizing radiation, capable of making irreversible changes in the molecules that make up our cells.  RF is non-ionizing radiation, meaning that they are likely incapable of causing genetic damage, but the energy can cause tissue changes.

Most tissue damage caused by RF is thought to be associated with the elevation of temperature in tissues with a high water content caused by the transfer of wave energy to heat energy.  Toasted Skin Syndrome, damage to the testes, ears (“Frey Effect” or (MAE) Microwave Auditory Effect), eyes, and burns with high exposure to RF energy are the known and documented effects.  These effects are much more pronounced in people who have compromised immune systems.  Two rare cancers Schwannoma (in the heart)and Gliomas (in the brain) have been noted in studies involving rats, but there is still no direct and definitive correlation in human beings.

There are ways to shield the human body from the effects of RF radiation present in our environment that are very similar to how we protect the electronic devices that generate RFI by “shielding” them from the effects of nearby devices that also generate this type of radiation to allow the devices to work the best that they can in close proximity to each other.  This is much like “shielding” our skin from the harmful effects of the solar UVA and UVB radiation with sunscreen.

V Technical Textiles, Inc. has developed a full line of RF and EMI shielding garments and clothing.   The material used in these products consists of fabrics containing 99% pure silver.  All our silver fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified, which makes the fabric safe for use in garments made for adults, children, and babies.  These garments have been tested to achieve an RF Shielding Effectiveness (SE) of 35-40 dB from 900 MHz to 5 GHz.

V Technical Textiles, Inc. also produces a line of Silverell® wellness garments.  These garments are enriched with pure silver, making them perfect for wellness and relaxation.  The Health benefits include:

  • Antimicrobial-pure silver kills bacteria and fungi on contact.
  • Odor Reduction- silver drastically reduces odor caused by bacteria.
  • Blood Circulation- using electrically conductive fabric increases blood circulation, giving you energy when you feel tired, at the same time keeping you relaxed.
  • Soothing and Healing of Skin Irritations- silver garments help heal minor scrapes, cuts, and burns, as well as reduce swelling and itching caused by these skin irritations.

Both lines of clothing include Outerwear (hoodies, pants, tank tops, long and short sleeve shirts, scarves, and hoods) and Base Wear/Undergarments (panties, boxers, briefs, long johns and sleepwear.  If you would like us to fabricate your design or clothing line, our world class fabrication facilities will be glad to work with you.  Colors are shades of silver, brown, and black, but other custom colors are available for your own individual line.

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