Future Plans for 5G, What Role will VTT Play?

Future Plans for 5G

Future Plans for 5G, What Role will VTT Play?

Future Plans for 5G, What Role will VTT Play?  V Technical Textiles is planning for the challenge of the 5G testing world!  Our Automotive plans include several new types of testing enclosures to help with ALL of the challenges that 5G brings to automotive shielding in the autonomous cars, from the passenger compartment, to the on-board computing/GPS/positional sensing systems, to assisting with pre-compliance testing and interference mitigation.  VTT’s Shieldex® conductive fabrics have long been used in automotive shielding solutions due to their light weight, flexibility, and high Shielding Effectiveness (SE).  Passenger safety is at the forefront of these concerns, not from RF/EMI exposure, but for the many electronic systems that must be able to work together smoothly to deliver the vehicle and passengers safely to their destination in spite of conditions that might interfere with signal transmission and reception.  Many of the systems in the autonomous automobile count on “constant wireless connection”.  The big question is “What will happen in dead zones when system outages occur or the car enters a tunnel and is out of touch with GPS or the internet”?

Future Plans for 5G, What role will VTT Play?  The Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) sets the standards, that will be used in a drone format to help in disaster areas.  Drones will be positioned to provide wireless access and support to first responders and victims on the ground when the normal signal channels are down.

AERPAW (Aerial Experimental Research Platform for Advanced Wireless) has a goal of integrating the multiple mobile nodes in order to optimize Air Traffic Control and allowing drone pilots to pilot drones outside the “line of sight”.  The long term plans include package delivery, drone taxis, and even aircraft flights.  These are likely to be in the distant future due to the degree of safety that would be in jeopardy, with even the smallest failure having dire consequences on the ground and in the air.  The number of backup systems involved will be large, involving Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prioritize the response process, something that the low latency of 5G should make faster and easier for a computer to perform rather than for a human once the systems are developed and perfected.  VTT will be involved in EMC Testing of the robust computing systems that will be involved in the drone in the air and on the ground.

In conclusion, V Technical Textiles, Inc. will continue designing and manufacturing RF Shielded EMC Testing Enclosures to the specifications of the engineers and designers working on these projects along with designing customized Shielding Solutions to assure EMC.  Please contact us if we may be of help with your to your specific needs.

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