Rough Conditions Require Rugged Textiles!


Rough Conditions Require Rugged Textiles!

Rough Conditions Require Rugged Textiles!  Conductive textiles are thin and lightweight.  Normally, these are excellent characteristics for many of their uses.  Metalized textiles are used in many electronic devices for shielding.  Electronic technology is becoming smaller all the time.  Shielding solutions must be flexible and adaptable to fit in tight spaces.  However, there are times that rugged characteristics are important.  Due to their fine structure, conductive textiles are usually not particularly durable.  The delicate nature of these shielding giants limits their use to “friendly” environments.  Marine environments with their corrosive salts and solar UV are tough on metals and fabrics. Warehouses with RFID inventory systems always had the potential of snagging or tearing the RFID Curtains.  Exterior Architectural Shielding in windy or icy environments was nearly impossible.  These limitations have been a drawback for many years.  The issue has always been how to “bulk up conductive textiles” while maintaining their excellent shielding effectiveness.

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Rough Conditions Require Rugged Textiles!  Seaman Corporation of Wooster Ohio partnered with V Technical Textiles, Inc. of Newark, New York.   Seaman Corporation has been manufacturing durable textiles that offer peace of mind to their customers for many years.  VTT has the world’s largest inventory of quality conductive textiles.  The goal of the partnership was creation of a robust and rugged RF Shielded textile.  The collaboration resulted in the Shelter-Right® RF™ product line.  This high-performance PVC-Coated textile allows the use of the thin RF Shielded textiles in environments where they were previously unable to be used.  The products are highly recommended for use in situations where severe weather, moisture, UV, and punctures are prevalent.  Specifically, outdoor RF Shelters for military and law enforcement use, RF Shielded warehouse curtains, aerospace cleanrooms, and automotive test chambers.   Durable Exterior Architectural shielding has finally become a reality, rather than a dream!  If you are interested in the Shelter-Right® RF™ Ruggedized Conductive Textiles, please contact Sue Uhler at or (330)-202-4471.

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