RF Shielded Pouches-Privacy Bags!

Faraday Pouches-Safeguarding your Data in a Wireless World!

RF Shielded Pouches-Privacy Bags!

RF Shielded Pouches-Privacy Bags!  Security of private digital information is important today.  The number of forms of passwords and levels of verification are ever increasing.  Obviously, there are more nefarious attempts than ever before to access digitally stored information.  Banks, email accounts, credit cards, and medical records require several levels of proof of identity before allowing access to accounts.  Though it is time consuming, these levels add protection to your important information.  Many of us carry electrical devices on which we store our information and passwords on a daily basis.  Even the key fobs that allow us access to our vehicles have information that can be easily stolen!

RF Shielded Pouches-Privacy Bags!  RF Shielded bags and pouches are manufactured using conductive fabrics.  Pouches and bags made in this way prevent wireless access to their contents due to the Faraday Cage Principle, blocking passage of electromagnetic fields into the bag.  Businesses, intelligence agencies, and the military use this technology to prevent classified information from being stolen.  Fortunately, with the use of RF Shielded Pouches and bags, this type of Faraday Cage protection is now available to anyone to help in protecting private information.  Additionally, RF shielded pouches can even protect your physical location from disclosure!

RF Shielded Pouches-Privacy Bags! Faraday Pouches and bags are available in sizes to fit all electronic devices.  One of the most endearing characteristics of conductive textiles is their light weight, making them easy to carry.  The protection they provide for your data is truly “heavyweight”!  Give your digital data the best wireless intrusion protection possible while you’re out and about by putting it in an RF Shielded Pouch!  Call VTT if you are interested in our RF Shielded Pouches!

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RF Shielded Pouches-Privacy Bags!                              RF Shielded Pouches                               RF Shielded Pouches-Privacy Bags!

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