VTT Shielded Enclosures-Testing Gamechangers!

RF Shielded Enclosure

VTT Shielded Enclosures-Testing Gamechangers!

VTT Shielded Enclosures-Testing Gamechangers!  RF Shielded Chambers have been around for a long time!  The “standard” RF Shielded Chamber was a brick-and-mortar structure with solid metal walls, ceilings, and floors.  It was heavy, immobile, extremely expensive to construct, and required the Device Under Testing (DUT) to come to the chamber for testing.  For more than two decades, William Hoge and VTT have been designing and manufacturing a radically different style of RF Shielded Enclosures than the “old standard”.  His use of lightweight conductive metalized textiles rather than solid metals allowed V Technical Textiles, Inc. to “change the game” in RF Shielded Enclosures.

VTT Shielded Enclosures-Testing Gamechangers!  The development of the soft-sided RF Shielded Enclosure forever changed the landscape in the testing world.   Conductive fabric-based enclosures are lightweight, portable, and easy to disassemble when not in use for testing, freeing up valuable space for other uses.  VTT Shielded Enclosures are custom designed and built to our customer’s specific requirements, including size, input/output, Shielding Effectiveness, lighting, climate control and many other options.  Portability allows the RF Shielded Enclosure to be taken to the DUT, so that testing can be done in-situ!

VTT Shielded Enclosures-Testing Gamechangers!  The major use for the soft-sided RF Shielded Enclosures is Pre-Compliance EMC testing during product development.  The ability to perform EMC testing in your own facility saves time and money, both crucial factors during product development.  All electronic devices must pass a Final EMC Compliance test before they can be marketed.  Consider Pre-Compliance EMC Testing as excellent preparation of your device for its “final examination”!

VTT Shielded Enclosures-Testing Gamechangers!  We can assist you in the design of an enclosure to suit your needs and specifications.  Contact us for more information about how our soft-sided RF Shielded Enclosures can facilitate and expedite your product development!

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