What is Conductive Mesh-how is it used?

The Role of Conductive Textiles in Modern PPE!

What is Conductive Mesh-how is it used?

What is Conductive Mesh-how is it used?  Conductive Mesh is a knitted metal plated fabric with pores.  The fabric is Nylon 6, Nylon 6.6 or polyester.  The pore size varies, pores can be big or small.  If they are small, the mesh can be used for filtered ventilation.  Conductive mesh vents are often used in the ventilation systems of our RF Shielded Testing Enclosures.  Conductive meshes are useful in face masks to filter the air of particulate matter.   Conductive mesh can also be used as a water filter.  Mesh isn’t just used for filtration and ventilation, read on!

What is Conductive Mesh-How is it used?  Conductive mesh fabric allows light passage through it.  This property allows conductive mesh to be used as windows in RF Shielded Enclosures.  Light transmission also allows use as screens for rear or front projection of movies.  Despite their porosity, conductive meshes have mid-range Shielding Effectiveness.  This SE ranges from 50-70 dB in the 200KHz-300MHz range.  Conductive mesh’s flexibility, adaptability, and light weight make them attractive.  Engineers find them handy in shielding solutions in tight spaces.  These meshes can be used in cable shielding and flexible gaskets.

What is Conductive Mesh- how is it used?  In the home, conductive meshes also make nice RF Shielded canopies and drapes in bedrooms.  These meshes are more than decorative, they are RF protective.  This “home shielding” provides a considerable reduction in RFI/EMI in the home.  Meshes are also used in clothing for ventilation and comfortable feel against the skin.  Speaking of comfort, conductive mesh is also used in resistance heating.  This accomplished by running an electrical current through the mesh.  The conductive metal converts electrical energy to heat energy.   A warm car seat or steering wheel on a cold winter day is awesome!

VTT has the world’s largest standing inventory and selection of metalized textiles and notions.  We’ve covered a number of uses for Conductive Mesh Fabric today.  Please contact us for help in selecting the right conductive mesh for your project!

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