Teamwork Provides Great Solutions and makes our Products Better!

Teamwork Provides Solutions

Teamwork Provides Great Solutions and makes our Products Better!

Teamwork provides great solutions and makes our products better!  If we’ve learned nothing more in this year of pandemic, we’ve learned that “we’re all in this together”.  During this difficult time, we’ve found that we couldn’t always work the way that we did in the past.  Supply chains were backed up and product development lagged.  We came to realize how dependent we are on each other in order to manufacture products that are up to our level of expectation.

V Technical Textiles, Inc. teamed with several major companies in the past year, using the unique strengths of each these companies to make our own and each of their products better.  Co-developing new innovations, using individualized techniques has fueled this collaboration.  This teamwork has already proven itself by allowing each company to bring its own specific native knowledge to the design table and produce new innovative solutions, making each company’s products better, all while speeding up the development process!

V Technical Textiles, Inc.’s examples of this include:

  • Seaman Corporation in Wooster, Ohio, long known for their industrial coated fabrics, helping to make our conductive metalized fabrics more durable in severe environmental conditions.
  • Framing Technology, Inc. (Framing Tech) of Rochester New York, known for their aluminum extrusion products , for fabricating the excellently crafted frames that support our RF Shielded Enclosures.
  • ETS Lindgren of Cedar Park, Texas, manufacturers of electronics testing equipment used by electronics companies in our RF Shielded Testing Enclosures to help Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to make their electronic products better.

The message here is that Teamwork provides great solutions and makes our products better.  Each of the companies listed above provides valuable products used in the manufacture of our line of products.  They don’t manufacture our products, but their products make our final product better!!

In a like manner, V Technical Textiles, Inc. of Palmyra, New York, develops and markets shielding materials used by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to make sure that their products are compatible with required RF susceptibility and emission standards.  We don’t manufacture their products, but our products make their products perform better.  

We must learn to recognize when a company does something very well and feel comfortable with working with them, using  their knowledge and products to improve our product.  Using the best materials to yield a superior product is smart business and well worth the investment!

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