Conductive Fabrics-Great Shielding Material!

The role of Conductive Textiles in Modern PPE!

Conductive Fabrics-Great Shielding Material!

Conductive Fabrics-Great Shielding Material!  Shielding materials are usually needed in electronic devices to protect the devices from EMI/RFI which can adversely affect their performance.  The more conductive the Fabric is, the better its shielding characteristics are.  Obviously, fabric is typically lightweight and flexible, making it great for shielding in tight quarters.  Engineers also love the lightweight, as products today are smaller and more portable than ever before.  Lightweight is also important in the automotive, aerospace, military, and law enforcement markets, and anything that relies on fuel consumption as lightweight vehicles get better fuel efficiency!

Conductive Fabrics-Great Shielding Material!  Depending on the environment the conductive fabrics will be used in, the conductive fabrics can be modified for better results in that environment.  In corrosive environments, often the metals plated will also contain Nickel and Tin, making the fabric much less susceptible to corrosion.  There are also coatings, both conductive and non-conductive that add water resistance to the textile.  Additionally, there are adhesive and non-adhesive backings for the fabrics, offering many additional use options for the fabrics.  Adhesive backings or non-Adhesive backings are useful with copper plated fabrics to create an RF secure room, shielding it from being accessed by Wi-Fi devices.

Conductive Fabrics-Great Shielding Material!  As you can see, the variety of metals used incorporated change the conductive properties along with the durability of the fabric in corrosive situations.  V Technical Textiles, Inc. has the world’s largest standing inventory of conductive fabrics.  One of our strengths is the ability to “tweak” the fabrics with additional metals, coatings, and adhesives that can be applied to facilitate the use of our textiles according to the customer’s specific needs.  Please feel free to contact us if you have needs that we may be able to address through our Research and Development Group.

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