Metalized Textiles and Notions Sampler, our Textiles in your Hands!

Conductive Metalized Textiles-Great Shielding!

Metalized Textiles and Notions Sampler, our Textiles in your Hands!

Metalized Textiles and Notions Sampler, our Textiles in your Hands!  V Technical Textiles, Inc. offers the largest selection of metalized Textiles Products and Notions in the World!  Our conductive textiles are the choice of industry leaders.  These textiles are used to create and manufacture products for the medical, automotive, and aerospace marketspaces.  Conductive fabrics have been in use for many years.  They have come to the forefront in many applications lately.  Our products are used in smart textile applications worldwide!

Metalized Textiles and Notions Sampler is available at our online shopping site.  The sampler can gives a true “feel” of our conductive textiles.  That’s not all this sampler provides you. This catalog includes Fabric and Notion swatches and the technical data (Surface Resistivity, Shielding Effectiveness, weight, thickness, etc.) on the various types of our conductive textiles.   Actually seeing the product and its properties is the great benefit of the catalog!  These samplers include our conductive:

  • Fasteners– Conductive Zipper, Hook and Loop, and Braided Tube.
  • Fabric Tapes
  • Wearable Fabrics
  • Ready to Fabricate (RTF) Fabrics
  • Medical Knits
  • Meshes
  • Woven Fabrics
  • Non-Woven Fabrics

In addition to our Fabrics, we also carry  conductive Yarns, Threads, and Fibers.  Our Fabric catalog represents just the beginning of the services, materials, and products that V Technical Textiles, Inc. can provide.  Visit our website to see the wide spectrum of fabricated goods we provide.  These include RF Shielded Enclosures, RF Shielded Clothing, and RF Shielded Pouches and bags to secure electronic devices and private information from being hacked.  Please feel free to contact us for further information about our extensive line of products!

We also provide Research and Development assistance.  We can help you design your product from concept to prototype to production.  We operate a full service cut and sew shop!  We’re here to supply your conductive textile needs!

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