Shielding lowers Interference-Devices work Better!

RFI Interference

Shielding lowers Interference-Devices work Better!

Shielding lowers Interference-Devices work Better.  We all know what interference is like in an office situation.  While concentrating on an important job, someone disrupts your concentration.  The interference comes from a coworker who is working with you.  Frustration sets in, you can’t get back “into the zone”.   You know you aren’t performing your best work.  The same thing can happen to devices in a shared electrical environment.  All devices are trying to work but can’t function well.   In the workplace there are several ways to deal with this.  One is to gag the worker who is interfering with others.  The other is to offer earplugs to the others.  This will allow productive work to resume.  Gagging the offending worker or offering earplugs to others are analogous to Shielding Solutions in electronics.

Shielding lowers Interference-Devices work Better.  Shielding Solutions are how to solve RFI/EMI in electronic devices.  Gagging the noisy coworker is like using a shielding solution on an “emitter”.   An “emitter” makes distracting RFI/EMI noises and shielding them prevents that emission.  Supplying earplugs to distracted workers is like making those devices affected by interference “immune” to it.  The shielding solution prevents the offending RFI/EMI noise from interfering with the device.  Both Shielding Solutions eliminate noise in the shared electronic environment.

Shielding lowers Interference-Devices work Better!  The best Shielding Solutions are conductive metalized textiles.  These textiles are flexible, thin, and lightweight.  These qualities make them the favorites of engineers.  They can fit into tight spaces.  They don’t add much weight which is very important.  Most importantly their shielding performance is superb!  A fabric swatch catalog of our conductive metalized fabrics is available at our online store.  If you need great shielding solutions, contact us!  VTT has the world’s largest selection and inventory of conductive textiles.  We can find a solution for your interference issues!

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