Digital Forensic Evidence-Handle with Care!

Digital Forensic Evidence-Handle with Care!

Digital Forensic Evidence-Handle with Care!

Digital Forensic Evidence-Handle with Care!   Digital Evidence is evidence that is present on devices in binary code that is “of interest” to the legal system.  This evidence is found on computer hard drives, mobile phones, security cameras, email and other digital media including text messages and social media.  Binary evidence is relevant to many events of interest to the legal system, including traffic violations, accidents, white collar crime, up to terrorism and murder.

Digital Forensic Evidence-Handle with Care.  Binary evidence requires documentation of chain of custody including any personnel handling or evaluating the evidence commencing from the time of seizure.  Pictures of the device documenting it and its power status at time of seizure are necessary.  Early cyber expert involvement, including isolation and secure transport of the device in a “Faraday Evidence Pouch” to block any potential Wi-Fi wireless access to the device.  Criminals frequently use “back door access” to their device to destroy evidence.

Digital Forensic Evidence-Handle with Care!   Preservation, by creating a secure digital copy of the source device, preventing  compromise of evidence is the top priority.  Analysis, identifying evidentiary value of digital information from the copy of the data comes next.  The Analysis step is always done using the copy of the original device, in a shielded room or “Forensic Box” preventing alteration of information.  Documentation of the useful evidence by legal experts is the final pre-trial step.  At this point, the Digital Evidence is ready for presentation in a court of law.

Digital Forensic Evidence-Handle with Care!  Maintaining the integrity of the Digital evidence is paramount.  Remember, any mishandling of Digital Forensic Evidence may lead to crucial evidence becoming inadmissible in the court system. Please handle this evidence with care!

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Digital Forensic Evidence-Handle with Care!                 Digital Forensic Evidence Handle with Care!               Digital Forensic Evidence-Handle with Care!

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