RF Shielded Pouches, stop the Hacks!

Faraday Pouches-Safeguarding your Data in a Wireless World!

RF Shielded Pouches, stop the Hacks!

RF Shielded Pouches, stop the Hacks!  RF Shielded pouches have been used to secure data for years.  Police, Diplomatic, and Military agencies use them routinely to securely transport electronic devices.  The pouches prevent RF access to the devices by creating a “Faraday Cage” around the device.  A Faraday Cage is a metal cage that will block an electromagnetic field from entering the boundaries of the cage.

These pouches will block entry of WiFi, 5G, and electromagnetic pulses.  Wireless devices utilize electromagnetic fields to communicate with each other.  The pouches protect sensitive electronic data from being accessed from outside of the pouch.  These Faraday Pouches are made of light weight metalized textiles with a durable cordura cover.

These bags and pouches are also used to protect electronic criminal evidence.  When computers are seized during a raid, Faraday pouches help preserve digital evidence. They block wireless tampering with evidence while in transit to the crime lab for secure analysis.  They ensure a secure link in the “chain of evidence custody”.  This chain of custody must remain intact from the time of evidence seizure until trial.  If the chain of custody is broken, the evidence may be excluded from the trial.  RF Shielded Pouches stop remote tampering with evidence!

RF Shielded Pouches, stop the Hacks!  Now EVERYONE can use the very same type of Faraday pouch to protect their devices from hacking!  The very same technology that the government uses is available to everyone.  Faraday bags are available in all sizes to protect cell phones, tablets, laptops and even key fobs from being hacked.  These are great to use when you are traveling!  They allow you to protect your devices from being accessed.

V Technical Textiles has a number of RF Shielded Pouches.  Please visit our online shopping, Shop VTT to purchase the right RF Shielded Pouch to protect your digital information.

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