Protect your Sensitive Information, put it in a Faraday Bag!

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Protect your Sensitive Information, put it in a Faraday Bag!

Protect your Sensitive Information by putting it in a Faraday Bag (also referred to as a RF Shielded Pouch)!  In today’s world, you carry sensitive information with you wherever you go.  This information relates to your family, your banking and financial information, even your location!  It’s handy to have that information with you, at your fingertips when needed.  Think of the amount of information is stored in your cell phone, your laptop, and your PDA!  All of it accessible by the use of  wireless devices.  The problem is that this information is not just available to you!  Security System Engineers are in a constant cat and mouse game with “electronic pickpockets”.   The Security Engineers design protection for your information and the “electronic pickpockets” try to steal it.

Protect your Sensitive Information from electronic theft by putting the device in one of our  RF Shielded Pouches.  The RF Shielded Pouch operates as a Faraday Cage, blocking the penetration of the pouch by radio frequency waves.  This effectively takes the device “Offline”.  The Pouch does not allow signals to reach the device.  The device can not send information while in the pouch.  This means that the Pouch blocks any access to your sensitive information via radio frequency waves.  The only bad thing about using a pouch is that you won’t receive a phone call or text while the device is in the pouch, in fact, it may be a nice thing having the device out of earshot for a while!  This is a small price to pay to protect your sensitive information, keeping it out of the hands of those who would try to use it in a criminal fashion.

These Faraday Pouches are available in a number of sizes.  Think for a minute about the varying sizes of the devices that carry your sensitive information.  Whether it is a laptop, tablet, cell phone, or even the car key fob that can open or start your car from a long distance, there is an RF Shielded Pouch made to contain it.  Please visit our store to see our line of RF Shielded Pouches and Faraday Bags, we’ll help you find a solution to meet your need!

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Protect Your Sensitive Information            Protect Your Sensitve Information          Protect Your Sensitive Information

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