Cable Sleeves Eliminate “RFI Crosstalk”, keeping Data Secure!

Eliminate Crosstalk

Cable Sleeves Eliminate “RFI Crosstalk”, keeping Data Secure!

Cable Sleeves Eliminate “crosstalk”, keeping Data Secure.  Cables are the way that information is transferred between computers.  Crosstalk refers to electromagnetic interference from one unshielded twisted wire pair  to another unshielded twisted wire pair travelling parallel with each other.  Electric signals passing through wires create magnetic fields that interact with each other.  A wire can be either a “transmitter” or a “receiver” of electromagnetic noise.  Both forms of interference/noise affect the data quality negatively.  There are two ways of stopping interference and keeping data quality intact:

  1. Increasing the distance between the wires is the easiest solution.  The problem with that is it uses up valuable space.  In today’s engineering world, space=money.  Electronics developers and consumers always want their devices smaller and lighter.
  2. The best solution is a “wrap-around” shielding solution.  This involves using Shieldex® metalized conductive fabrics as shielding material.  This material is wrapped around the cables and grounded, stopping “crosstalk”.

A Woven conductive fabric is often the material of choice.  Depending on the fabric used, cable sleeves offer Shielding Effectiveness ranging from 80-95 dB in the 30 MHz – 10 GHz frequency rage.  Temperature range is -40ºC- 100ºC (-40ºF-212ºF).  The closure for the cable sleeves is achieved using Shieldex® conductive Velcro.  Conductive zippers and snaps are also used to achieve closure.

Cable Sleeves Eliminate “crosstalk”, keeping Data Secure.  Cable sleeves are available in a standard one meter length.  Custom lengths and widths are available to suit the customer’s needs.  Multiple Cables can be placed in one sleeve and will not “crosstalk” with cables outside of the cable sleeve, but will still crosstalk with cables within the common cable sleeve.  As the world’s largest supplier of soft sided shielded enclosures, we offer data protection options such as:

  • Server Rack Covers- providing Faraday Cage coverage of servers and components.  These keep the RF noise and your secure data contained to the “server room”.
  • Architectural Shielding Solutions- involving creation of RF Secure Rooms, free from “listening ears”!

Please contact us to learn more about any of our RFI Shielding Solutions to help keep your sensitive data secure!

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