Supply Chain Woes- We’ve got the Goods!

Supply Chain Woes

Supply Chain Woes- We’ve got the Goods!

Supply Chain Woes-We’ve got the Goods!  The last two years have been crazy for businesses!  Shutdowns due to COVID put us all behind production schedule!  The suppliers of raw materials were also affected in similarly.  Now we are able to work again.  Good Employees are hard to come by, slowing production!  The current problem is that the supply chain is broken!  Many companies have no raw materials or parts to work with.  Orders are currently being taken at many companies.  A great sign, but due to supply issues, lead times are long!   These supply chain problems can’t be fixed overnight.

Supply Chain Woes-We’ve got the goods!  Many supply chain shortages have to do with electronics.  We exist in a  world driven by new electronic devices.   V Technical Textiles, Inc. does not directly manufacture electrical components.  We supply conductive textiles used extensively in the electronic industries.

Metalized textiles are used in many ways in electronic products:

  •  Shielding Properties– help provide Electromagnetic Compatibility between electronic devices.
  • Electrical Conductivity– provides human comfort through resistance heating applications.
  • Safety– Sensors made using metalized textiles alert us to unsafe situations.
  • Security-Conductive textiles help protect sensitive digital information from being hacked wirelessly.

Supply Chain Woes-We’ve got the goods!  VTT has the world’s largest standing inventory of conductive textiles.  We have a special relationship with the manufacturer of these textiles, Shieldex.  We can also arrange rapid, efficient delivery of these products.  We supply these textiles and have active input in textile design.  We assist our customers, helping them select the specific textile they need.  This “help” can even result in creation of a new textile!  Please contact us about your conductive textile needs or for samples.  You will speak with a knowledgeable  representative who will help you.  VTT is not “all about the sale”, we care about customer satisfaction!

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