Electronic Evidence-Secure in the Bag

Electronic Evidence-Secure in the Bag

It may seem strange that a textile company would be involved in Forensic Science, but it’s true!!  In today’s world, even the criminals (from “white collar” criminals to drug dealers) use computers, phones, and electronic devices to store information.  In many cases, this information can be used as key evidence in trials.  When these devices are seized with a warrant, they become part of the “Chain of Custody/Evidence”.  In legal context, this refers to the documentation or paper trail that records the sequence of custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of physical or electronic evidence that is required in order to present this evidence legally in court.

In cases where electronic evidence is involved, this evidence must be protected from tampering, alteration, or destruction while in the hands of the authorities.  We live in a “wireless world” and many of the devices can be contacted by wireless means from afar and the incriminating evidence “wiped” remotely from the data storage media.  To prevent this from happening, the devices are placed into “shielded pouches and wallets” at the time of confiscation.   These pouches and wallets are lined with lightweight metalized textiles, which form a “Faraday Cage” around the device, preventing radio signals from getting to the devices.  This protects the devices from being hacked before the evidence they contain can be analyzed, preserving the integrity of the evidence.  These pouches effectively take the devices “offline” until they can be analyzed by authorities in a secure electronic environment.

That is one way that V Technical Textiles, Inc. and their conductive fabrics are involved in Forensic Science.  Our phone and computer pouches are also great for personal data protection and security, keeping your electronic private information secure from outside probing.  Contact us for purchase information!

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