Digital Criminal Evidence-There is Proper Security Protocol for Keeping Digital Evidence Admissible in Court, Let Us Help You Handle Your Evidence Securely!

Digital Criminal Evidence-There is Proper Security Protocol for Keeping Digital Evidence Admissible in Court, Let Us Help You Handle Your Evidence Securely!

Despite the amazing amount of great evidentiary material that Forensic Sciences can provide, the care and treatment of evidence seized while in Law Enforcement custody can affect whether this persuasive information gathered through investigation will ever be presented in court or will be tossed out as “inadmissible in court“.  We all remember the O. J. Simpson trial, where “gold standard DNA evidence” was not allowed to be used as evidence in the trial due to a break in the “chain of evidence custody” by police Investigator Mark Fuhrman.  We all know how well that lapse in evidence custody worked out for the prosecution!

Digital evidence consists of information in digital form stored on devices such as computers, tablets, and smart phones.  This information can consist of emails, text messages, a detailed GPS map of where the device has been, what web sites have been visited, and pictures and media taken by the device or stored on the device.  People also store a lot of sensitive information on their devices.  This information actually still exists even when the owner thinks that he/she has deleted the information from the device.

V Technical Textiles, Inc., the World Leader in EMI/RFI testing enclosures, can help Law Enforcement to protect “digital evidence” from being tampered with while the evidence is in their custody and being analyzed.   Our metalized textile evidence pouches will block all attempts by outside electronic/wireless access to tamper with the evidence while the devices are secure “in the bag”.  We are able to provide law enforcement agencies with “Faraday Bags and Pouches” with security tamper resistant closure and a label style of their choice to document the handling of the digital evidence throughout its time in their custody…read more.

In addition to the Faraday pouches providing the secure transportation of the seized devices to lab for analysis, we are also able to provide a “secure benchtop workstation” for your laboratory with pass-through interference-free power  lines, output lines, and shielded arm sleeves allowing you to type or touch the devices with your fingers, to simplify and secure your work in acquisition, examination, analysis, and reporting of the data stored on the devices.

Whether your digital security needs are as routine as Faraday Pouches for preserving and securing the digital device during transit until it reaches the security of your lab, or whether you would like a custom-designed Benchtop DEESALE, Digital Electronic Evidence Secure Analysis Lab Enclosure, we are happy to discuss them with you and help work out a solution to your specific digital evidence security needs.  Call us today and see how we can help you with the security of important evidence!

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