RF Shielding-Valuable in Electronics!

Modern Applications of Conductive Metalized Textiles!

RF Shielding-Valuable in Electronics!

RF Shielding-Valuable in Electronics!  We all know that all electronic devices must pass EMC compliance testing prior to marketing.  Without RF Shielding, EMC would be impossible to achieve!  Shielding protects electronic devices from RFI and EMI emissions that would make optimal performance impossible.  Shielding is valuable in several ways, firstly, by blocking emissions that will adversely affect the operation of nearby devices, increasing the overall operation of the component.  Secondly, shielding materials block emissions from other nearby devices that will cause a similar loss of function in another device in the component.

RF Shielding-Valuable in Electronics!  Shielding materials vary on the wavelength/frequency of interference that they block. One shielding material will not work for every Shielding issue!  In low frequency shielding, many times the ideal shielding material is a dense solid metal material.  Engineers tend to use these materials only when necessary, as dense metals are heavy, take up precious space and weight allowances in vehicles.  In higher frequencies, the optimal shielding materials are conductive metalized textiles.  Engineers love these materials for their light weight, adaptability, and excellent Shielding Effectiveness (SE).

RF Shielding-Valuable in Electronics!  RF Shielding is also valuable in Security!  In today’s “wireless world” people are able to access their information using wireless devices.  This is handy most of the time, but nefarious criminal types of people can hack into devices containing private or sensitive information and access information or accounts.  Shielding materials can be useful to surround devices as a “Faraday pouches” blocking wireless access to the devices contained inside them.  The same principle applies in architectural shielding, using shielding materials to create rooms free from wireless eavesdropping.  RF Shielding is certainly valuable in electronics for a number of reasons!

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RF Shielding-Valuable in Electronics!    RF Shielding Architectural Shielding!  RF Shielding-Valuable in Electronics!   RF Shielding-Valuable in Electronics!


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