EMC Testing and RF Shielding-Related!

RF Shielded Enclosures-Great Testing!

EMC Testing and RF Shielding-Related!

EMC Testing and RF Shielding-Related!  EMC testing determines whether an electronic device will be able to work optimally with other devices in a shared electromagnetic environment.  There are two issues that EMC testing evaluates, radiated emissions and susceptibility to RF emissions.  Every electronic device radiates RF emissions into its environment.  There are standard levels of emission that each class of product may emit.  If the emissions exceed the standard, the device will require modifications to reduce its emissions to the standard level.  On the other end of the spectrum, if the device is susceptible to RF emissions that are within the acceptable limit, the device is deemed susceptible, modifications must be made to the device allowing it to perform at optimal level in a standard environment.

EMC Testing and RF Shielding-Related!  Both of the “modifications” I mentioned earlier are typically RF Shielding solutions.  Shielding solutions block RF waves of specific frequencies from emission by electronic devices, idealizing electromagnetic environment.   Coincidentally, shielding materials are conductive metalized textiles.  These textiles are lightweight and flexible, working well in tight spaces, making them well-loved by engineers!

EMC Testing and RF Shielding-Related!   A low ambient RF environment is a requirement for EMC Testing.   The RF Shielded enclosures prevent the entry of any background RF waves, as they compromise the testing results.  The only RF present in the enclosure during the emission testing is that of the device under testing.  During susceptibility testing, the device’s performance is under close scrutiny while exposing it to RF radiation up to the acceptable limits.  If the device under testing performs optimally, it is not susceptible.  RF Shielding material is used in creating an ideal testing environment and also as a solution to EMC problems!

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