Nothing is “simple” anymore-needs Change!

Nothing is "simple"-anymore-needs Change!

Nothing is “simple” anymore-needs Change!

Nothing is “simple” anymore-needs Change!  When I first came to VTT, our manufacturing product line was fairly simple.  RF Shielded Enclosures, RF Shielding Curtains, RF Shielding Garments were about it!  Today, we find that our customers are always finding new and different needs for our conductive textile products.  An RF Shielded enclosure has become a “suite” of rooms with more isolation than ever.  Requests for Foyers, removable walls, are routine requests rather than unusual.  RF Shielding Curtains are now “arrays of curtains” with specific hanging mechanisms and deploying systems.  Multiple input and output systems are used in ever-changing testing requirements.  Our enclosures often consist of multiple layers of our conductive textiles to meet increasing shielding requirements.

Nothing is “simple” anymore-needs Change!  “Lift Walls” to allow bigger and bigger Devices Under Testing” (DUTS) to enter the enclosures.  Conductive metal floors requiring “Floor Weight Systems” to establish intimate contact with the conductive walls and conductive floors of the enclosure are necessary to finalize the “Faraday Cage Effect”.   These extremes provide the low ambient RF radiation environment our enclosures are famous for.  Large frames are necessary to suspend the many yards of conductive textiles necessary to fabricate our large testing Megastructures.

Nothing is “simple” anymore-needs Change!  Safety Lighting is important in providing vision for the people inside the enclosures.   RF Filtered Power enters the enclosures through RF Shielded cable sleeves to provide the standard environment that Pre-Compliance EMC Testing demands.  Many of our enclosures must be “Clean Room Compatible”.  Clean Room refers to the size of particulate matter that is allowable in the enclosure.  Obviously, adapting to new standards is a constant issue in our business.  We’re proud of our ability to meet these challenges!

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Nothing is "simple" anymore-needs Change!                              Nothing is "simple" anymore-needs Change!                             Nothing is "simple" anymore-needs Change!


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