Faraday Bags Protect Information!

Digital Privacy Pouch

Faraday Bags Protect Information!

Faraday Bags Protect Information, what are they and how do they work?

Faraday Bags Protect Information.  Faraday Bags are bags/pouches fabricated of Metalized Conductive Textiles.  When closed, these pouches do not allow electromagnetic fields or waves to cross their boundaries, based on the research of Michael Faraday in 1836.  Our electronic devices transfer information wirelessly using RF radiation.  When the devices are placed in  Faraday Bags/Pouches, RF transmission is blocked by the Faraday Effect.  This includes both incoming information and outgoing information.

Faraday Bags Protect Information, why are they important?

Faraday Bags are important in this day of digital information.  Think of how much digital information we have stored in our electronic devices.   The beauty of the devices is that the data can be accessed quickly and easily.  The bad part is that it can be also accessed by others.  Digital Security is a chess game between security and hackers.  Security figures out how to block the hackers.  The hackers figure out how to bypass security.  The game goes on and on, back and forth.

Faraday Bags Protect Information, how are they used?

Faraday bags protect information from being accessed by a wireless device.  This device can be a GPS System, an insecure network, or any other radio frequency device.  When inside the confines of the Faraday Pouch or Bag, the device can not be accessed.   The Faraday Bag is often used by people traveling with their wireless devices for business.  When the owner is in a secure location, the device can be taken out of the pouch and used safely.

The Military uses these Faraday Pouches in “Black Operations”.  These are operations where radio communication, including cell phones, satellite transmission, and GPS location must be silenced in order to protect the Military Personnel  involved in these clandestine operations.

Law Enforcement uses these Faraday Bags when they seize digital devices believed to have been used in illegal activity.  A detailed “Chain of Custody” must be kept for these devices by the Authorities to enable evidence to be admissible in court.  The Faraday Bag will assure that the device and the information inside it was not accessed remotely or tampered with while in Law Enforcement custody.

 How can I get a Faraday Bag?

You can visit Shop VTT, our secure shopping site to buy a Faraday Bag or Pouch for cell phones, tablets, laptops, or key fobs.  If you need to order them in bulk or custom sizes, please contact us.

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