Small RF Shielded Enclosures-Petite!

RF Shielded Bags-Protection and Security!

Small RF Shielded Enclosures-Petite!

Small RF Shielded Enclosures-Petite!  RF Shielded Enclosures come in all sizes, from Megastructures to Gusseted bags!  VTT is able to create RF Shielded Enclosures to satisfy their customer’s needs.  Electronic devices come in all sizes and must pass EMC Final Compliance Testing in order to be marketed.  The Gusseted Bag is a small RF Shielded Test chamber that provides the low ambient RF environment required to perform EMC Testing.  The bag, fabricated using conductive textiles, creates a Faraday Cage, blocking external electromagnetic fields from entering or leaving the pouch.

Small RF Shielded Enclosures-Petite!  Testing using signal input and test result output to external recording devices through an RF Shielded Cable sleeve passing through an RF Shielded bulkhead in the wall of the pouch.  Additional fabric and seams provide the necessary rigidity to support enabling the Gusseted Bag to stand, allowing open space for testing.  The only difference from conventional testing is the size of the testing chamber and the testing equipment administering the test.  The Gusseted Bag is a truly portable EMC testing site, the whole bag weighs less than five pounds!  These Bags may be small, but they still offer the Shielding Effectiveness and perform at the same level larger RF Shielded Enclosures.

Small RF Shielded Enclosures-Petite!  Smaller RF Shielded Enclosures create the proper EMC testing environment for today’s ever smaller electronic devices.  Contact us today to find out about our RF Shielded Enclosures.  We do offer several “standard sized” enclosures.  However, we fabricate most of our enclosures to meet the specific testing requirements and needs of our customers.

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Small RF Shielded Enclosures-Petite!          Small RF Shielded Enclosures-Petite!          Small RF Shielded Enclosures-Petite!

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