RF Shielded Bags and Pouches-Security!

RF Shielded Bags-Protection and Security!

RF Shielded Bags and Pouches-Security!

RF Shielded Bags and Pouches-Security!  In today’s wireless world, devices communicate with each other using RF.  This is much more convenient than communicating through wires!  This convenience comes with a price.  Wireless devices are convenient for hackers to.  The game of wireless security goes back and forth. Hackers figure out a new way to beat cyber security, cyber security figures out a way to block the new attack sites! Fortunately, one thing hackers can’t access wirelessly is a device secure in a “Faraday Cage” made using conductive metalized textiles.  Radio waves can’t pass through a conductive bag or pouch, which blocks access to the wireless device.

RF Shielded Bags and Pouches-Security!  There are some disadvantages of placing your device in the bags and pouches.  Your device is completely “off the grid” while it is “in the bag”.  This meaning no wireless access to the device until it is outside of the confines of the pouch.  No GPS, no phone calls, but best of all, no hackers!  These are the only inconveniences that use of these enclosures pose, truly a small price for the extra security they provide!

RF Shielded Bags and Pouches-Security!  These Shielded bags and pouches are very useful to police, military and diplomats for transporting cyber evidence and important information securely, safe from hackers.  This same technology is currently available to the general public to provide great data security and privacy.  The Faraday Bags and Pouches come in a variety of shapes and sizes to hold phones, tablets, PDAs, and computers!  If you have a business, our RF Shielded Rack Systems are a great way to protect your server from unwanted wireless access!  Contact us for information on RF Shielded Pouches and Bags!

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RF Shielded Bags and Pouches-Security!                          RF Shielded Bags and Pouches-Security!                         RF Shielded Bags and Pouches-Security!

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