We Live in “Testing Times”, Make Your Testing Times Accommodate Your Schedule!

Testing Situations-Prepare for them!

We Live in “Testing Times”, Make Your Testing Times Accommodate Your Schedule!

Students returning to school this Fall aren’t the only ones who will have to prepare for rigorous testing to see if they meet the educational standards required of them to advance to the next level!  Companies that have been shut down during the pandemic are coming back to life, and hopefully, producing lots of new and different electronic devices that will be coming into the marketplace in various areas such as the aerospace, automotive, electronic, medical, along with military and security agencies.  During the downtime, new products have still been conceptualized, developed, and brought to a prototype stage. These new products need to be tested for a number of reasons including emission of excessive RF radiation and susceptibility to ambient RF radiation to meet the necessary FCC Standards before they are released for marketing.  EMC Testing Facilities will likely be scheduled well out into the future.   Transporting your product to the testing facility could prove difficult in these days of “red list states” and “14 day quarantines”, not to mention the time issues and the cost of the testing procedure itself!

V Technical Textiles, Inc. can ease the burden of pre-compliance testing, by letting you do your pre-compliance testing in your own portable facility, effectively “tutoring and tweaking” your products so that passing the final compliance testing should be a “one and done” step, rather than having to go back to home and “work out the bugs” that were found and then returning for another test.  We  fabricate soft -sided RF Shielded Testing Enclosures using light weight metalized textiles that have all the needed tolerances that the “fixed structure testing chambers” have, along with the added benefit of being easy to set up, used for testing, and easily taken down and stored when your testing is complete so that valuable space isn’t taken up by the testing enclosure when it isn’t in use.  Check out this time lapse video of an 8′ x 12′ x 7′ RF Shielded Testing Enclosure being set up from start to finish BY ONLY TWO PEOPLE in our high bay facility (the actual time of this entire set up is just under one hour)!

Our RF Shielded Enclosures come in some standard sizes, but most of our products are custom fabricated to the specific needs of our customers depending on the size needed along with the options of input/output connections, filtered power source, ventilation, and level of Shielding Effectiveness (SE) requirements.  We are able to build an enclosure to any specifications that you need for your testing procedures.  If you would like to learn more about our RF Shielded Enclosures and the benefits that they provide, please contact us!

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