EMC Pre-Compliance Testing-Home or Away?

Pre-Compliance Testing Streamlines Product Launches!

EMC Pre-Compliance Testing-Home or Away?

EMC Pre-Compliance Testing-Home or Away?  EMC Testing is necessary during product development.  Pre-Compliance EMC Testing during development is more important.  Pre-Compliance EMC Testing prepares your device for Final EMC Compliance Testing!  Equipment for in house Pre-Compliance EMC testing can be purchased or rented.  Once the employees are trained in EMC testing, a “home game” is much easier all around than an “away game”.  In-house testing also involves the development team, increasing their investment in product development.  Obviously, EMC Testing at a remote lab involves many “extras”.  The Extras include travel time, testing costs, hourly personnel, equipment, and interpretation expenses.  The costs of in-house EMC Pre-Compliance testing are ALWAYS much less than a testing facility.

EMC Pre-Compliance Testing-Home or Away?  EMC testing in your facility will prepare your device for Final Compliance EMC Testing.  Discovery and mitigation of EMC issues during development simplifies development.  Perhaps the test lab tells you the solution, or where the problem is.  Of course, mitigation of the problem will be your responsibility and require another round of testing to assure the issue has been mitigated.  Ultimately, learning how to perform the necessary tests and acquiring the components required to do the testing is easy.  Engineering the answers to your EMC issues nearly always will involve a shielding solution.  The shielding solution will allow all of the components of your device to work smoothly together in a shared electronic environment.

EMC Pre-Compliance Testing-Home or Away?  V Technical Textiles, Inc. manufactures RF Shielded EMC Testing Enclosures.  These enclosures provide the necessary low ambient environment to perform EMC Testing.  We can assist you in leasing testing enclosures and necessary instrumentation to perform testing.  VTT also has the world’s largest standing inventory of conductive textiles.  Conductive textiles are used in many RF Shielding solutions for EMC issues.  Light weight, flexibility, and Shielding Effectiveness make these textiles perfect for electronic shielding!  VTT stands ready to help with your EMC Pre-Compliance testing needs!

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