RF/EMI Shielded Curtains-Privacy and Separation!

RF Shielding Curtain

RF/EMI Shielded Curtains-Privacy and Separation!

RF/EMI Shielded Curtains-Privacy and Separation!  In our lives, we use curtains for privacy, separation, and protection.  RFI/EMI Shielded Curtains are used in the same way.  RF Shielded curtains are made of conductive metalized textiles.  These curtains block the passage of RF and EMI waves.  One of the major uses of these curtains is in hospital telemetry areas.  They effectively isolate the beds in a “shielded room”.  This assures that the proper information is transferred to the proper recording device.  The ability to monitor many patients in one central area eases hospital staffing issues.

RF/EMI Shielded Curtains-Privacy and Separation!  RF Shielded Curtains are also used in warehouse inventory management.  The curtains isolate areas and allow accurate scans and counts.   This process greatly simplifies the often-tedious inventory procedure.  The working environment also is considered in Shielded Curtain design.  Outdoor and Warehouse conditions provide severe physical challenges for thin Conductive Textiles.  In these challenging environments, curtains are now made with ruggedized coatings.  These coated RF Shielded Curtains allow in-situ outdoor or at sea EMC testing on large boats, vehicles or aircraft.  The curtains can be configured to give the low-ambient environment needed for EMC Testing.  Ruggedizing makes the textiles more resistant to punctures, UV Light, and corrosion.  The curtains can also be used to divide the usable space in an existing RF Shielded Testing enclosure.

RF/EMI Shielded Curtains-Privacy and Separation!  Most of our RF Shielded Curtains are custom made.   Designing curtains to the varying needs our customer is VTT’s strength.  Our Research and Development Team considers the customer’s uses and needs during the design phase of each product.  V Technical Textiles, Inc. has the world’s largest standing inventory of conductive textiles.   The large range of Shielding Effectiveness available ensures the right conductive textile for your specific need.  If you require an RF Shielded Curtain, trust the company that the Fortune 500 Companies use!

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