EMC-Devices functioning in Harmony!

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity-be Fair!

EMC-Devices functioning in Harmony!

EMC-Devices functioning in Harmony!  All electronic devices produce electromagnetic emissions.  Electromagnetic emissions of every electronic device have to meet applicable standards.  Emissions outside of the standards interfere with function of other devices in the component.  Devices must be in compliance with EMC standards in order to be marketed.  EMC Compliance testing insures a harmonious shared electronic environment for optimal device performance.

EMC-Devices functioning in Harmony!  EMC Compliance testing consists of three tests:

  1. Emissions- The Device Under Testing (DUT) is tested to verify that it is not emitting RFI outside of standards.  Failure of the test classifies the device as an “emitter”.  Mitigation of the emissions by design or with an RFI Shielding Solution is required.
  2. Susceptibility- The DUT is tested to make sure it works optimally within the standard RFI allowed.  Failure of the test means the device is “susceptible” to acceptable RFI.  An RFI Shielding Solution is needed to block RFI.
  3. Immunity- The DUT is tested to see if it is immune to “electromagnetic phenomena” of different types (conductive, transient, ESD, and radiated.  Failure of this test usually requires an RFI shielding Solution or filtered connection lines to the device.

The Shielding Solutions mentioned above are often performed using Conductive Metalized Textiles.  These specialized fabrics block the passage of RFI over a wide frequency range, stopping emission or blocking interference.  Product design engineers love them for their Shielding Effectiveness, light weight, and flexibility!

EMC-Devices functioning in Harmony

EMC-Devices functioning in Harmony!  Pre-Compliance EMC testing should be performed early and often during product development.    VTT is the world’s leader in manufacturing Portable RF Shielded Testing Enclosures.  These enclosures provide the low ambient RF environment required for In-House EMC Testing.  RF Shielded Testing Enclosures are custom designed for the specific needs of our customers including Size, Shielding Effectiveness, Input/Output, ventilation and more.  Please contact us for information on these enclosures that will make preparation for the Final EMC Compliance Testing smoother!

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EMC-Devices functioning in Harmony                      EMC-Devices functioning in Harmony!                     EMC-Devices Functioning in Harmony!

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