5G-Growing by Leaps and Bounds with Microwave Technology


5G-Growing by Leaps and Bounds with Microwave Technology

5G, that’s the short name for 5G NR (Fifth Generation New Radio) technology that you’ve been hearing so much about for the last couple of years.  5G is the next generation of internet connectivity that is supposed to be faster than the current 4G technology, which was initially touted to give a speed of 300 Mbps , and really turned out to be about 100Mbps when implemented.  5G promises speeds of 1.4 Gbps, though the actual final speed remains to be seen.

There are many MORE IMPORTANT things about 5G technology than the speed issue alone.  There will be better quality voice calls, much MORE CAPACITY, meaning that mMTC (massive Machine Type Communications) MU-MIMO(Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output)  that will allow more than a million devices to be connected to the internet in a square kilometer area.  This means that a sports venue, a rock concert, or any mass gathering will be able to offer connections that are good, even with that high density of devices connected in the same area.  Live video broadcasting of news and sports events will be easier and more reliable due to the better and faster networks.

The fact that so many devices can be connected will make 5G key in the advancement and development of the autonomous automobile, likely making it go from “dream” to “reality” by having traffic connection through a U-RLLC (Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications) grid.  This will allow “Platooning”, meaning that the vehicles in the area are all in communication with each other and can move and respond to conditions as a group, considerably smoothing the flow of traffic.  Latency is the delay in time from when the data is transmitted from the time it was instructed to transmit the data.  The goal in 5G is a latency period of one millisecond, about the time that a baseball is in contact with the surface of the bat that is hitting it.  Platooning is especially effective with large trucks and hauling vehicles that would be able to “draft” each other, literally being sucked along the highway in a vacuum created by the vehicle in front of them, giving amazing fuel efficiency and reducing the need for constant braking and acceleration.

One negative factor for 5G will always be the concern over health issues.  Microwaves have long been known to cause damage to body tissues when used at amplified power levels. The most noticeable damage caused at those exposure levels is basically heat-related, causing toasted skin syndrome, and “the Frey Effect” or MAE (Microwave Auditory Effect), which was believed to be the result of the slight thermoelastic expansion of water in the bone and cochlea of the ear, producing acoustic waves that result in the perception of sound, even when there is no sound present.

In the last few years, Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) have come to the forefront in the news, beginning with the “attack” on the U.S. Embassy in Cuba in 2018, and the “alleged attack” on the U.S. Embassy in Guangzhou, China that forced many of the Embassy employees there to come home with symptoms of brain injuries, vision injuries, hearing issues, and memory issues despite no associated trauma to the head.  The development of “Active Denial Systems” by our military, consisting of a beam of high frequency Electro Magnetic Energy of 95 GHz directed at crowds to “deter them without lethal damage to their bodies, but taking all of the fight out of them makes the likelihood of a beam of higher frequency Electro Magnetic Energy being used as a battlefield weapon an almost sure bet….read more.

The relationship between cancer and RF has never been positively linked to radio frequency dosing.  One frequently mentioned study by the World Health Organization in 2011 showed the incidence of tumors in male rats that received LARGE doses of “radio wave energy”.  The tumors in that case were Schwannomas (tumors of the heart), gliomas (tumors of the brain and spinal cord), and pheochromocytomas (tumors of the adrenal glands).  There is also some “equivocal evidence” which “suggestsa “possible connection”, but not a “certain connection”, between RF exposure as a carcinogenic agent within the female rat members of that same study as well.  Using this data, the World Health Organization classified RF radiation as a “level 2B agent”, which means that it is “possibly carcinogenic in humans”.  That is the same classification that caffeine and other substances that millions if not billions of people, have daily contact with.  It is almost like the World Health Organization stating that everything possibly causes cancer, certainly an ambiguous risk assignment by the World Health Organization.

The issue of exposure in the 5G platform has a lot to do with Microwave Technology, the use of millimeter wavelengths.  The millimeter wavelengths used in 5G technology lack the power that it takes to ionize (remove an electron) from an atom by a factor of ten thousand, meaning that microwave energy used in 5G shouldn’t be able to alter or mutate DNA.  The big effect for the skin is that the millimeter waves do not penetrate far into the skin, and many of the millimeter waves are reflected by the skin, rather than absorbed.  It could well be that the concern of cancer or mutation should be LESS of a factor in 5G due to the weaker, less penetrating nature of millimeter microwaves.  There are three “bands” of 5G:  Low Band/Frequency which are below 6GHz and could be used in rural areas requiring tower placement similar to 4G, Mid Band/Frequency which is 3.5GHz-7GHz which is largely used in Europe and in satellite and the Navy in the United States requiring towers every 1,880-2,500 feet, and High Band/Frequency which is above 6GHz, these are in the microwave area and have poor penetration and distance capability and require towers every 300-800 feet.

A lot of the fear about wave exposure likely has something to do with the fact that there will have to be many more radio towers and masts in the 5G platform.  This has resulted in “regional resistance” to 5G, as some areas of the country are resisting the deployment of the necessary number of masts to give the necessary coverage to achieve the optimum benefit that 5G can provide.  This might make people nervous that they are being heavily dosed with high energy waves of this frequency, making them feel the need to grab their tin foil hats to protect themselves.  Actually, the increased number of towers is  because the microwaves travel on a “line of sight” basis and they lack penetrating power, meaning that they do have trouble passing through walls or around barriers, so EVERYTHING will have to be in line of sight of a tower for the network to work efficiently, resulting in many more smaller radio towers/masts in many locations to make sure that there are no “holes or gaps” in the coverage field. There will be fewer of the “traditional large towers”, but more of the “smaller towers/cells” present to ensure seamless coverage with some predictions of the number of towers being placed  will amount to one every 300-800 feet (but much smaller in size and lower in power) in urban areas with lots of buildings, walls, and structures that could block the millimeter waves and will be based on High Band 5G, as opposed to the rural areas where the towers could be similar distances apart to current 4G towers, due to the presence of fewer blocking/interfering structures and the use of Low Band 5G.  When we talk about microwaves, remember that we are still talking about power and frequency that is less than light, and when we go out in sunlight, we are literally bathed in electromagnetic radiation that is far greater than 5G microwaves.

At V Technical Textiles, Inc., we offer shielding products made with metalized textiles to protect against the 5G waves, and our Shielded Enclosures are currently involved in the testing and development of components of the 5G network, helping the manufacturers develop products that are in compliance with the standards of safety that are in place.  If you’re still worried about the dosage of radio waves, we also make an excellent line of comfortable RF shielding clothing that will shield you effectively from microwaves….read more.

Ready or not, here it comes, get ready for the world of 5G!

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